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    [ALT.avatar] Corrupted Disciple Steampunk


    Here I bring you another job, again my proposal for an alternative avatar hero, corrupted disciple, the game Heroes of Newerth, for this drawing, I've inspired a little on one of my favorite games, bioshock.


    Aqui os traigo otro trabajo, de nuevo mi propuesta para un avatar alternativo de un heroe, corrupted disciple, del juego heroes of newerth, me he inspirado un poco en uno de mis juegos favoritos para este dibujo, bioshock.

    Just check, I hope you like:

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    I really like the idea of having a steampunk alt avatar for him, great work creating this!

    I do not enjoy his tentacles on the back tho.. nor his top hat.

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    Oh, thanks for the comment, I wanted to look like from behind as a kind of lightning conductor :/

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    Awesome dude!!
    Really good...

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    Nice, i like it! Thumbs up

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    cool idea.

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    combine flux and corrupted, then we have an alt avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by vivi_chester View Post
    Oh, thanks for the comment, I wanted to look like from behind as a kind of lightning conductor :/
    Maybe add some form of clockwork/steam machine/engine on his back that would be used in order to provide his floating ball with energy or something like that?

    By looking at the picture theres some steampressure caugh on his right wrist, maybe you should try creating something extra to power that part on him?

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    sick man that looks awesome haha

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    I would really love to see this in-game Looks really good. I love steampunk for characters like Corrupted Disciple, since he is based on electricity.

    By Sye
    Hello bud.

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    thanks for all the positive comments, I not was waiting >_<

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    That's actually a really cool idea.

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    Nice work, steampunk is so cool

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    if true sad, if not, bad
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    he said looser not loser.

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    As long as S2 attribute the design to you when they actually release it then they are all gravy because of your copyright choices on the artwork.

    They can remix your work for commercial purposes and only have to mention you as their inspiration.

    If they don't, then you have a copyright claim. Which I would encourage you to pursue.

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    an awesome idea and epic artwork, too bad s2 did a pretty poor job with this alt still, 3k coins alt inc
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    copy of this thread from fan media add to the hall of fame. congrats on your concept getting into the game.

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    ty but he sux..... very ugly looking.
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