Thread: Lord Salforis viable jungle hero?

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    Lord Salforis viable jungle hero?

    Could Salforis be a viable for jungling with aura and life tap heals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim View Post
    It is
    I've actually had a lot of trouble with this...can you (or anyone else) suggest anything to make it easier? So far I can't really get higher than about 170 gpm unless I am very lucky with the spawns. How exactly is it done?
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    I'm fairly sure you level up Presence to max first in any situation, and most of the time your nuke is maxed last. Fill in the blanks.
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    He can forest but hes so ****ing slow
    You might as well play aura Zephyr/Tremble and get items 20 minuets faster

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    tried it in practice mode and he kills creeps way too slow
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    If you rush Midas then you'll make up for the first 3 minutes soon. I also rush Midas with Cthuluphant, he attacks so ****ing slow it's annoying.

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    I tried it, averaged at 220-250gpm he's no ra/legionnaire but he does alright.

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