Welcome to the Ask S2 Games forum!

This forum is another way for all of you to easily get your questions and concerns directly to me, your Community Manager! At the same time, it makes this type of information easily available (and searchable) to the community. I will be constantly gathering question from this forum and making sure that they get answered in a timely fashion.

Now, what goes in this forum?

Basically, anything that doesn't already have a place. Suggestions should still go in the Suggestions forum, bugs should still go in the Bug Reports forum and support related questions should still be directed through the Support department. Trolling and inappropriate questions are subject to deletion and anything not about the game will be ignored, unless there's a viable reason for asking it.

Posting here is extremely simple!

Make a new thread in this forum. Please put the topic of your question in the subject line of your post and the complete question in the body. Also include any necessary explanation if you feel that it's needed.

Once you complete your post, it remains hidden until I answer it, at which point it will become visible to everyone and will be considered closed. Do not be discouraged if your post doesn't get answered right away. Any questions that can be answered, will be. Occasionally, it'll take a bit longer to find that answer and I ask for your patience in those situations.

There should be new answers available for viewing a couple times a week and I will be posting on my Twitter page when I answer any questions in this forum. Follow me there if you want to keep good track of your posts!