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    Patch Notes - 2.2.8

    - Fixing most of the issues with crashing while patching
    * The fixes will be applied for all future patches. ie: This Friday's patch should be much smoother!

    Version 2.2.8
    - The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is:
    * Moon Queen
    * Dampeer
    * Nomad

    * Aluna
    * Defiler
    * Thunderbringer
    * Revenant
    * Plague Rider
    * Pyromancer

    * Kraken
    * Electrician
    * Deadwood
    * Behemoth
    * Flux
    * Jeraziah

    - Added a new Alt Avatar: Flaming Deadwood
    - Fixed the attack projectile for Mandromeda
    - Cthulhuphant is no longer a "New" hero and will be usable in Tournament Mode
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    Progress image of the Deadwood image here

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    Next patch must be really good

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    Wait, what?

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    first page

    Edit: wohoo actualy got first page,

    Ot: any picture of alt? @work right now
    Originally Posted by pMd_
    there are so many smurfs that you actually can't smurf because you just encounter smurfs while smurfing. why is it called smurfing anyway?

    Originally Posted by Thenre
    he said looser not loser.

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    see my sig worthless patch
    S2; Your patches and view points on game balance, always make me wonder if you're joking. If not, do you even play this game?
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    S2 used Patch!
    But Nothing Happened!

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    Not so big patch

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    My first first page ever OMGOMGOMG.....nopw not as cool as i thought itd be.
    Weakest patch in awhile next weeks better be huge

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    a patch is a patch
    and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii beeeliiiiiiiiieeeeeve in youuuuuuuuuuu, S2. woooooohooo wooohooo wooooooohooooooooooooo

    - Added a new Strength hero: Cthulhuphant
    * This hero is not Early Access limited
    Quote Originally Posted by prochy70 View Post
    OMG HoN is uber fail now,again new premium hero and again so ****ed OP hero,better will be when i uninstall this ****ed fail game,really.... Premium heroes one times is for 250 gold,second time for 150 golds and know is for 300 ,really this guys are so stupid...

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    Didn't expect a huge patch, but this was pretty damn weak one. <.<

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    wowowow that patch's so good
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    no hardcarries for ftp guys! yay!

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    Defiler was free last week.

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    lol, is something missing here?
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    So I wonder if they fixed rotten grasp rooting you before it appears with this new alt avatar. Seems to be the norm for s2, having to make alts to fix animation bugs.

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