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    Please analyse my game

    Hello HoN Community,

    yesterday i had an annoying game with my friends. We lost it and it end in a raging discussion, who did what wrong and what good.
    Now i wanna ask you. What did we wrong?
    Match ID: 102631657

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    Hellbourne (my team)

    In the end of the game the enemy carries are pretty farmed.. I know it!

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    Just from a general look item choices seem to be pretty terrible. Codex + sotm build on pyro wasn't helpful and polly wog's staff was just as useless. Had they built more support orientated and perhaps a disable like HF or Sheep, it would of improve it significantly. Especially when versing a jeraziah. Other than that, it seemed pretty even, just item choices from your two supports didn't help
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    Para will be happy in that game. They got 3 hero that buff transferable.
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    What would you say about the teamfights? is it right that i farm in forest and get my items. I farm a lot after i saw the cleaver on DL. Or should i help more in teamfights?

    @KawaiChan it was SD
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    Just from the line up you guys are out picked haha.

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    I'm watching the replay right now, but from what I can see of your post game stats:

    First of all, you have no support heroes. Pollywog and Pyro are intel heroes, yes, but they are not exactly supports. Their skills are designed for destruction, not support. They have no healing, no helpful auras, and no spells to buff their team. Pyro just does sheer damage, and Polly is for wrecking towers. Furthermore, Polly has very high mana costs on his spells and needs items to help him regen mana and give him a bigger pool.

    You were playing single draft and for some reason my screen would not show the other options you had, but surely there must have been some actual support heroes available? Empath, Glacius, Demented Shaman, Voodoo Jester, Plague Rider, and other similar heroes are much better for the job than killers like Pyromancer, since their buffs and support skills are always useful, even if they have no gold. Pyro, Wretched Hag, Pollywog Priest, Dr Repulsor, and possibly Aluna are more like semi carries than supports.

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    What would you say about the teamfights? is it right that i farm in forest and get my items. I farm a lot after i saw the cleaver on DL. Or should i help more in teamfights?
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    @KawaiChan it was SD

    You should participate in every teamfight that you can, as long as it is safe to do so. Carry a TP, and when the fight begins, teleport to the nearest tower and run to help. If it is 4 enemies and only one teammate, don't bother. If it is too far from the tower and you can't tp fast enough, don't bother. But, if you can TP and make it there in time to turn the tide, you should absolutely port every time.

    Looking at your early game mid, you did ok against Warden. However, you should be more aggressive early on if the enemy is ranged and you have a buckler. He walked right up to you and started attacking, and you backed away instead of fighting him. You have a buckler, so you automatically win against him in a battle of autoattacks. His base damage is lower than yours, his HP is lower than yours, and half of his attacks are being reduced by almost 50% thanks to the buckler. Next time a ranged hero is doing that, man up and force them back. Unless it is a special case, such as Gunblade or Silhouette who will keep getting stronger as they get closer/apply more pressure. Despite that, you did keep rune control, and that alone basically won mid for you.

    Going up to gank top lane was a complete waste of time; you walked right up the river, so they may have seen you coming if they had a ward. You also waited so close to the lane that they could see you, and so they just sat at their tower. Don't try to gank a lane if the creep wave is under the enemy tower, because you have no way of getting behind the enemy. The gank on the bottom lane was much better, getting them far away from their tower and having Polly get behind them.

    The early game for your bottom lane was unremarkable. Both teams were very passive. There were numerous occasions to kill the enemy Glacius, but Rally either didn't see them or didn't capitalize on them. When he did finally go in, he went in while Polly was too far back to be of any help. These two need to work on their communication, and be more aggressive in a lane where they have a clear advantage.

    Early game in your top lane was bad; both Pyro and Gladiator need serious work on their last hitting. Furthermore, they were fighting each other for last hits, meaning less time spent harassing the enemy. They also auto attacked creeps far more than they needed to, pushing the lane out farther than it needed to be. This is why that first gank attempt from you failed. They should have stacked and pulled the creeps into the lane, rather than milling around outside exp range while the enemy farmed safely under their tower.

    I'll look at the mid game tomorrow.
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    Thank you Fairlight_Ex

    The sad about my team is, that 3 was in Skype. Except me (Revanor) and Gladiator was not in the Conversation. We ping most of the time.
    Maybe i can get some more good replies like that.

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