Thread: How do you preload the cache for maps?

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    How do you preload the cache for maps?

    Hi HoN.

    I found this
    ...and it explains how writing "preloadworld calvadar" in the console (ctrl+F8) should load the cache for the certain map. Well it doesn't. Itjust blocks my game to the point where I have to end the process from the task manager.
    It used to work well before a certain patch, I don't remember which.

    I do get an error in the console, that it can't find "maps/calvadar.s2z", maybe because the actual path is "game/maps/calvadar.s2z" ? I don't know..

    ..anyway, I have a bad video card and would like to use that command. Is there any way you could make it work, please?


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    I also get the same error when i try this.

    It would be really nice to have this command though

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    Theres a mod for preloading called Bang Preloader if thats what your looking for

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    That could be useful, I might try it, but what I'm actually looking for is to find out why the old command isn't working and why isn't it getting fixed.

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    Why don't you just start a practice mode map and then dc once it's loaded?

    No need for any commands.

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    Because using the command would take less time. Any updates on the preload cache command?

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    preloadworld caldavar

    if that doesent work something's wrong. reinstall maybe?
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