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    Quote Originally Posted by Octavia View Post
    Rampage should be banned from being on the other team. Or at least, if he's on the other team I should get a free Nullstone.
    Rampage in anything that isn't an organized game is the most broken hero in the game. Only thing that counters him is teamwork and when you feel like the most skilled player in the world you don't want to rely on teammates.
    Rampage > Pubstompers.

    On a side note,
    Am I the only one that gets annoyed to holy hell by almost all strength heroes?

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    People keep making bloody stickies that end up going above my balance thread.

    God damn China being OP here.
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    whenever i want to play some soulstealer in sd
    there is a rampage

    something most change

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    Master of Arms Red shield is some f*cking bullshit, I tell you what

    Other people should not be allowed to kill me in mid lane

    Too many heroes are trash-tier

    S2:s heroes have a tendency to be gimmicky as f*ck.

    They completely ruined Engi with the mines ;_;

    Playing SS and getting 6/5/21, is NOT ok, and this is everybodys fault but mine.

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    My team should get free wards when i'm not playing support.

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    Why does the balance forum exist with the goal of balancing for top-tier players when no one that posts here is top tier?

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    Why is Pollywog's Ultimate over twice as good as Rhasta's ultimate in DotA?

    Really doesn't seem necessary.

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    Because the top-tier are the only ones who make use of _all_ the options you have. Just because a 1300 doesn't buy a ward or TP doesn't make BH uncounterable. They just don't know how to counter it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PRETENT10uS View Post
    Why is Pollywog's Ultimate over twice as good as Rhasta's ultimate in DotA?

    Really doesn't seem necessary.
    Armor / damage types?

    Lane pulling is just plain BS. Having to buy wards to stop is to the point of necessity and might as well just not exist.

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    I hate conduit and everything it stands for. I'd rather face succubus with lowwer mana cost on smitten than conduit.

    Rampage is just frustrating, Kraken is just frustrating. His ulti needs to get toned down a lot. 50% movement slow + suck in + aoe damage + large damage burst + stun is just too much utility for a skill on what, a 90 second cooldown? I realize it has downsides but still, it's crazy.

    Also, screw S2 and giving heroes disjoints. It pisses me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekamo View Post
    On a side note,
    Am I the only one that gets annoyed to holy hell by almost all strength heroes?

    Yes you are. I love all those heroes. Well, besides Ra.

    I demand less panicking at pick time by making all str heroes combined! I want to play Jeraziah who can Legionaire taunt and Armadon spike while phys and magic immune with mock damage around me while running at max speed across the map with an flying meteor stun that heals everyone in a huge explosion, and explodes in damage around myself. Oh and can turn the entire map into creeps that assault towers.

    I'll need to use my entire keyboard to control his hotkeys.

    Course then S2 will do the same and just combine Flint and sil and I will still lose. Damn you S2!

    So yes. S2 fusing two of the agi together is op. Nerf please.

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    I'm speechless.

    Quote Originally Posted by dsg View Post
    this is a guide to the yungle. what is the yungle? the yungle is a place full of gold that you haven`t got yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by argnoferich View Post
    Midas obligates the whole other team to buy mystic vestiments because he has too much damage.
    I'm at a point where I pick up Mystic Vestments on every single hero. It's ridiculous how many nukers this game has.

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    I wish people in the 1600 bracket would stop assuming that picking Phant means I am going to sit in the jungle and be useless. Hell sometimes I go to our short lane and pop in and out of THEIR jungle but noooo pick Phant "Lol why would you you bad hes trash". He is a good hero with a balanced place in teams, he isn't supposed to sit in the jungle for half an hour like your WS and appear to dump on the bads who didn't bother with you.

    MoA red Ult needs a nerf. Having a guy being shielded by a guy whos farming half way across the map is bullcrap. Fair enough if Oph heals, shes a support but that stupid has-7-skills hero being able to give that is dumb.

    Fayde players make me mad. They are either on my team and are trash or on the other team and facestomp everyone.

    This game was better when disrupting the 1 opposing hard carrys farm with your support/gankers was a more viable tactic then having 3 semi-carries farming on your team with a ward *****.

    EW Wolves are not balanced nor is neting a kill with them considered being skilled or "pwned fag" esp. after I just ruined your entire teams gank against 3 of us with one stun, one swap and a scouting aurora to let Beastwood ult your face off.

    Geo and FWS should not be made out of S&Y so easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadeward View Post
    i'm at a point where i pick up mystic vestments on every single hero. It's ridiculous how many nukers this game has.
    this this this this this
    Let me spell it out plain for you
    Angry people complain about the things I do
    I'm not changing direction, I'm stepping my game up
    Maintaining my name, the same way I came up.

    Truth is, I thought it mattered
    I thought that music mattered.
    But does it? Bollocks!
    Not compared to how people matter.

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    Why I take Jeraziah honestly. Still should get them, but with so much front loaded damage flying around, Charm is worth it's weight in gold against fools who don't bother getting nullfire. Or in general really.

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    What is this I don't even...

    Sad about change on Sand Wraith from hard hard carry

    EDIT: Can we eat our Spouse's foot? Also, y u no approve my thread on Hellbourne vs. Legion jungle, its a valid point
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    Does that mean he's now Quicksand Wraith?

    Meh, I never encountered a SW I couldn't beat if my team wasn't retarded. Though admittedly, I'm nowhere near the mmr that I'd have had to been to see it so either way.

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    S2 heroes depress me and simultaneously fill me with joy. Sometimes, I wish I could just inject myself with distilled endorphins and sit in a corner with a glee-coma until I have to go drone it up again outside. It'd be nice if that what was everyone did, actually; then I wouldn't have to deal with all of the idiots that brighten up my day with fires of fury and hate and stabbing (stabbing is an emotion, right?).

    And why the hell would you people eat your spouse? Hmm.... A foot I can probably replace, with only the cost of pain, or my mate that I've pledged loyalty and companionship to, whose loss will be eternal in all meaning and existential extension of the word, and whom I depend upon for sanity and comfort in a horrible situation.... Hmm....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Connect View Post
    On another note. RA is really pissing me off. Every ****ing game I see this easy mode hero dominate.

    I'd also like Thunderclaw/Charged Hammer removed or reworked, and Savage Mace/Wingbow rebalanced so that there's actually a reason to get Wingbow.

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