Thread: NSIS ERROR please help !!!

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    NSIS ERROR please help !!!

    Hey I just bought a new ASUS laptop and when trying to install HoN, there is a NSIS ERROR that pops up saying "ERROR LAUNCHING INSTALLER." I've read other forums and tried downloading HoN from other sites, i also tried typing it in cmd.exe DID NOT WORK!! Is there any other possible things that i can do so i may install HoN?!

    Running on Windows 7


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    It's a failed integrity check, i.e the install file has been altered somehow (or your memory/disk is screwed up).

    Try this:
    Download it through a torrent.
    Download it without any download manager, if you're using one.
    Do a chkdsk and memtest on your computer.

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    Ok I'll try downloading it through a torrent, Ive tried that site out already nothing worked -.- said the command was invalid...


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    Still doesnt work. I dont know what to do anymore. Ive literally tried everything!

    Someone helpp

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    are you running x86 or x64 windows 7?

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    64 bit windows 7 home premium

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    hi, i got the same problem and what i've tried: find another .exe to download from another website, rename the .exe, by the cmd > i put the shortcut's root /NCRC... And the last try from cmd did help me to instal HoN but as i read somewhere when a NSIS error is poping even if u finished the install of the client from the corrupted file the installation will Crash or will be incomplete... What i gotta do now
    [Windows 7 x86] and the version of HoN i'm tryin' to download is the lastest.

    PS: Sorry for my english im frenchy =) thx 4 ur attention
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    Is anyone going to help? This problem is the same for me..

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    Run the installer through the command prompt with the /NCRC command added at the end.

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