Thread: LF a 1600mmr USE Support who wants to get into the 1800s

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    LF a 1600mmr USE Support who wants to get into the 1800s

    I'm looking for a 1600 player who will play a support/roaming role.

    I want someone who is willing to take advice and learn, sorta take them under my wing to improve their gameplay and in return improve my quality of play. I've had many accounts in the 1800s.

    I will be playing on my subaccount that is currently 1650ish mmr. Message me with any questions or inquries. I will be playing today from 5pm-10pm.

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    Sure, hit me up anytime, currently 1604 mmr, been floating around 1590-1660 lately (plus är svensk)

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    PastrySnack: im 1650 have been around 1700. played serious gaming before. im swe and 25 yo. pm!

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    I'm interested. Around 1650, actually playing Roamers/Supports mostly (Magmus/Myrm). Not swedish. Hit me up in case you're interested though.

    E: I'm not brazilian, just keeping the flag for trolling purposes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PastrySnack View Post
    I'm looking for a 1600 player who will play a support/roaming role.
    I'm always up for a game or two with you Pastry

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    add me ingame 1730 atm

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    I'm also interested!

    ~1600 mmr, been up to the 1690's, but then it went down. Mostly playing support heroes but sometimes also initiate, and I want to get better. Add me in-game if you want to play.

    Yeah, and I'm swedish aswell!

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    edit: USE. Bah :P

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    5-10pm? But...what time zone is that >.<. Message me if you want I usually play on Kobrathegod`

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    USE ~1650

    I play pretty much every day. Hit me up in game "mixedmagic25"

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    Hit me up.

    i don't always play, but when i do- i prefer support.

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    sure im up for it. i play anything but normally play what im told when with a team/ clan

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    I'm super interested. I've been to the mid 1700's before, but recently I've fallen sadly into the 1500 bracket. Nearing 1600./

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    Im super interested please pm me

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    IGN: magicmark71
    MMR/PSR: 1600
    Preferred Roles: support, mid roamer, trilane roamer, tri-lane support
    Proficient Roles: everything
    Experience: 7 years
    Availability: every night
    Country: usa
    Time Zone: eastern
    Other Contacts:

    I have played in several tourneys.

    I was in 4th place with my team in cal-o a few years back.

    I have a 1950 game coach I take 2 lessons a week with. I'm determined to reach 1800

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