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    1750+ Allround EU player LF Team

    Hi, I'm looking for a team to play some competitive games with. My rating is at the moment 1756 with about 52% win, the reason for the low win % is because I mainly play pub games. I have not been playing any competitive games during my HoN carrier allthough I have been playing it since beta and started with DotA when I was in school 3 years ago. So the experience shouldn't be a problem.
    As the title says I find myself capable of playing almost every typish hero in HoN, although my weakest card is probably a mid ganker type hero, say like pebb, dev etc.. Any other kinda hero does suit my playstyle pretty well imo. The most normal hero-types I play though is Carry or support!
    My ingame name is Jillestanley and you can reach me ingame normally from wednesday - sunday.

    My real name is Johan and I'm from Sweden. I do study monday - wednesday so during these days I'm not able to play. My primary language is swedish but I know how to handle english aswell.
    I'm 18 years old but turning 19 this fall.

    The team I'm looking for is mainly a swedish team but I'm open for business so to speak. The team should atleast be over 1700.

    I'm willing for tryouts anytime except for monday - wednesdays!
    GMT +1.


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    Låter intressant! Vi kan ta ett snack ingame om det passar!

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