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    2.1.7 Patch Notes

    Version 2.1.7


    - The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is:
    * Dr Repulsor
    * Magebane
    * Scout
    * Valkyrie
    * Corrupted Disciple
    * War Beast
    * Pharaoh
    * Balphagore
    * Revenant
    * Thunderbringer
    * Gauntlet
    * Wretched Hag
    * Demented Shaman
    * Ophelia
    * Plague Rider

    - When purchasing Heroes, you can now bundle the available Alt Avatars for that hero and receive a discount on buying them all together
    * In order to bundle, you must check the box in the Purchase Confirmation Screen after clicking to Purchase the hero
    - Tagged a lot of gadgets as un-selectable
    * Many abilities in the game would create gadgets for only a few seconds and you could tab to them while they were alive. We fixed this for the vast majority of instances

    - Added a new Alt Avatar: Mist Runner Scout
    - Added a new Premium Alt Courier: Nyan Cat Courier
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    Nothing in this patch.

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    Edit.. Wait.. Is that it?
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    Scouts unite

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    thats a lot of hard carrys

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    sad patch =(

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    F2p ophelia!wooooooo!

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    Scout is f2p. OH BABY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decessus View Post
    sad patch =(
    As usual.

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    And next patch, a fabulous new hero that will be released 4 weeks later!

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    am i the only one who sees nothing in the OPs post ?

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    This should be interesting.

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    Woo scout avatar!

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    wow... the patch contains nothing

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    Nice joke.

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    No balance this week? Like, not even a tweak?

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    Patch? What patch

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    You know, you don't really have to call it a patch with a fancy new number tag when you only release an alt avatar and change the free hero pool...
    That's not really what I'd call a "patch" when you don't change anything but a mere hotfix.

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