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    Question about tremble

    So impalers does 20 extra damage... and then heals for 20.... i dont get it... why bother? Or am i mistaken and it does heals you... but it seems to me it heals the enemy.

    Also while im here whats decent creep score in side lane at let say 15 mins in... cause im getting rediculouusly low cs of about 10-15ish.. and thats on a good day with someone ranged.

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    You should aim for 40-50ck's in the first isn't always possible, and with most heroes but you should aim for that, specialy with Tremble's Pet which has nice damage and is tanky so you can jungle pretty easilly and he can take orange camps/yellows easy.

    @Impalers: Deals "x"(deppends on its level) to the enemy and you receive that as heal to yourself, and SLOWS the enemy.
    note: It only works 2-2seconds not sure (the sort-of-lifesteal)

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    Tremble should usually play solo mid, so a decent creep score after 15 minutes would be around the 60-75 mark. Depends on who you're up against, and how often you go to help your team out ganking sidelanes.

    Lasthitting and harassing with him is quite easy, as there's a delay time on your invis when you come off your burrow mound, so you can be on top of them before they realise.

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    Thnx guys last question is tremble op? cause with a few google searches i got alot of old posts with alot of tremble complaints of op.

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    Thnx guys last question is tremble op? cause with a few google searches i got alot of old posts with alot of tremble complaints of op.
    The main thing people complained about were when he would stay invisible even if you walked on his mound. This made it so counter invisible items were needed to even lane vs him. You pretty much lost mid to him unless you put a blue ward down to see him. Then all he had to do was put a blue ward of his own and kill yours. Mid heros would have to ask supports to buy them a blue ward at the start of the game which slowed down everyone. Less money for courier/real wards. Those blue wards dont even last very long either.That with the fact that its really hard to kill mounds it was more annoying than overpowered I think.

    When they made it so you can see him if you walk on his mound they also increased the damage of his first skill and made it so his pet couldnt be insta killed with a purge. Even with those buffs hes still seen as under powered now.
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    If they didn't change Impalers (haven't played Tremble in a loong time) you get the damage/heal only on the first hit and after that it only refreshes the slow unless you change target or wait for the slow to wear off from your target. And this is why you should micro Shudder to change target once in a while when he's soloing camps so he doesn't derp and die because he's not getting healed enough.
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