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    Welcome to the Heroes of Newerth forums! This thread contains the Forum Rules and should be used as a resource for all users. These rules apply to all sections of the forum but some specific rules may be superseded by section specific guidelines. Consult the stickied threads of each subsection for any additional rules that may apply.

    Please enjoy the forums!


    Adherence to these guidelines shall be determined at the sole discretion of Frostburn Studios staff and forum moderators. Keep in mind that your ability to use the forums is a privilege, not a right. Frostburn Studios staff and forum moderators reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any post for any reason.

    Any actions taken will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may result in more severe or lenient action depending on previous infractions. This determination is at the sole discretion of Frostburn Studios staff and forum moderators, and is final. Warnings and/or Infractions may be issued for minor violations of these rules. Serious or repeated offenses may result in a ban from the forums or even termination of your HoN account. Please note that the categories below are not exhaustive and inappropriate conduct of any kind may result in content removal or loss of posting privileges. The laws that apply in the offline world must be adhered to online as well. Frostburn Studios has a zero tolerance for illegal behavior on the Heroes of Newerth forums. Online conduct should be guided by common sense and basic etiquette. Consult the HoN Terms of Service for additional restrictions and information.

    Frostburn Studios reserves the right to modify the Forum Rules at any time.
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    Forum Basics


    Every forum is different and the Heroes of Newerth forums are no exception. This document will serve as a guide to the basic forum fundamentals and will cover everything from. Every forum user should have a sound understanding of what is described here so whether you're a new user or an old-timer, make sure you read this.

    Important Forum Information

    Stickied Posts

    Before you go posting or even looking at any of the new threads in the section, first take the time to read the sticky posts in EVERY section you go into. These often contain information on how that section works or how to make good posts there. Other times, it's just helpful information overall. In fact, the Forum Rules are stuck at the top of General Discussion!

    Search Function

    The first thing you should do is see if the topic you want to talk about is being discussed. For this, we'll use the search function, located at the top of the forums, near where the Log In bar was.

    Type in what you want to talk about here and a list of every topic on that subject will pop up. Pick an active thread a Make sure that the thread is currently being used. Older threads will often contain outdated information and not be a good place to discuss what you want to. In the case that the only available threads are from a month ago or more, start a new one.

    Posting in an Existing Thread

    Before you write anything, you should make sure you're familiar with the Forum Rules, which can be found by clicking here and are located as a sticky post in General Discussion.
    Make sure that you present your views of the topic and tell people why you think this about that so that they can in turn tell you why they think differently or why they agree with you. Asking a question is a great way to keep a discussion interesting!
    Remember to format your post too! Make sure you use the enter key! Nothing is more painful than reading a big wall of text because the poster decided not to press enter a few times.

    Posting a New Thread

    The first thing you should do is create an appropriate title for your post. This can be very important, as it will determine if other users read your post at all and if they take you seriously.

    Since you are looking for good discussion, take the time to think up an attractive title that describes what you want to talk about. If you want to talk about why certain heroes are better in the middle lane, a good thread title would be something like this:

    “Middle lane heroes: What makes them good?”
    Or maybe you want to talk about a recent competitive HoN match. For this, your thread title should contain the names of both teams participating and look something like this:

    “Tournament A: Team X vs. Team Y”
    Here are some examples of thread titles we don't want to see:

    “Dear FB”
    “READ NOW”
    “WTF OMG!”

    Several of these have the unnecessary addition of asking people to read it, others don't have the point of thread in the title at all while one has so many punctuation marks on the end that it makes it hard to take the user seriously.

    Threads like these may be renamed by the moderation team to something that accurately describes the thread or simply be removed completely.

    Next up is the actual text of your post and, obviously, this is the most important. Before you write anything, you should make sure you're familiar with the Forum Rules, which can be found by clicking here and are located as a sticky post in General Discussion.

    Make sure that you begin your discussion in a good way. This usually will involve explaining the topic at hand and then getting the other members started off with something interesting or thought provoking. You need to present your views of the topic and tell people why you think this about that so that they can in turn tell you why they think differently or why they agree with you. Asking a question is always a great way to start a discussion!


    Every forum user is allowed to have their own signature appended to each post they make. This is a space set aside for you to personalize your forum experience and make your posts stand out or give information that is important to you.

    To edit your signature, first you need to go to the Forum Actions drop down box at the top of the forums and select “General Settings”

    On the left hand side, you'll see tons of different options for your account but the one we're looking for here is “Edit Signature” so click that!

    You'll be brought to a screen that's very similar to the screen you see when you're trying to post in a thread. This is where you put what you want to be your new signature. There are some restrictions on what you can put here so make sure you hit “Preview Signature” before saving it. That way, you can make sure everything looks good!

    Signature Limitations

    Signatures for regular forum users are available with the following limitations:

    • Maximum total height: 200px
    • Maximum lines: 9
    • Maximum total characters: 1000
    • Allowed BBcode tags: [b], [i], [u], [color], [size] (max=4), [font], [link], [quote], [img]
    • Maximum images: 1
    • Emoticons: yes

    Users with 1 or more active infractions will have more restrictions placed on their signatures:

    • Maximum total height: 200px
    • Maximum lines: 9
    • Maximum total characters: 1000
    • Allowed BBcode tags: [b], [i], [u], [size] (max=2)
    • Images, Fonts, Colors, Links, and Emoticons are not available
    • Please review the Forum Rules for additional information in infractions.

    Community Posting Primer

    The Community Posting Primer is intended to serve as a guideline for productive forum discussion. It should serve as an introduction to the Heroes of Newerth forums and the type of posts that are most welcome here. We want the forums to be a lot of things, the most important of which is a place for interesting and constructive discussion about HoN.

    If you have questions or suggestions regarding a subject for this section, please PM a moderator.

    Rules of Thumb

    • Please treat all staff members, moderators, game masters, testers, new users, old users, good players, bad players, people who are able to manually dodge a Pyromancer ultimate with a quick Take Cover, people who still haven't figured out how Pebbles’ combo works - in short: all community members - with respect and consideration. This boils down to a very simple concept: Don't act like a jerk. Be nice. People will disagree with your proposals, opinions and suggestions. This is natural. That's how discussions work.
    • Name-calling does not serve any purpose other than to aggravate another person. It does not contribute to a discussion. Instead, it hinders discussion. It is not acceptable in any way or form - yes, this means that in this particular case "baddie" is no better than, say, "idiot" or any other slur you can imagine. It does not help the poster to bring across his opinion, nor does it help the thread starter promote healthy discussion.
    • Every forum user is expected to write all their contributions in a polite and civilized manner. A disagreement is an opportunity for all participants to learn something new, maybe even change the way they looked at an issue entirely. It is something positive, because it allows for people to come together and combine a multitude of different opinions in order to form a whole new entity. For this to work there is one paramount condition: the aforementioned mutual respect.

    To close, an excellent practice to follow is: before posting anything, reread what you've written and think about it. First of all, what purpose does this post serve? What purpose are you trying to achieve? Is the post even necessary?

    Report rule breaking content

    Please use the Report Post function to report any inappropriate content to the forum moderation team. This tool is the most effective way for you to help us keep the forums clean.

    Uncertainty about a forum rule
    When you’re unsure about the legality of anything pertaining to the forums, contact a moderator or staff member directly via PM. To find them, scroll down to the bottom of whatever forum you have a question about and there's a little box called “Moderators” there.

    For General Discussion, it's usually best to just contact a Global Moderator. In all other cases, use the box at the bottom of the page!

    Appealing a forum infraction, suspension, or ban

    Email the forum administrator with your account name and reason for appeal. Abuse of the appeal system will result in all appeals related to your account being ignored. Excessive abuse may result in permanent loss of forum or game play privileges.
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    Rule-breaking offenses

    Infractions Explained

    If a forum user posts something that violates the Forum Rules, they will incur an infraction and receive a private message. In this message, you will see the reason why you received this infraction, a message from a member of the moderator team, and a copy of the post you are being reprimanded for.

    As a result of this, you will lose access to the forums for a set period of time dependent on the number of infractions you have incurred. The first infraction will result in a short suspension. Each additional infraction will extend the length of the suspension. At five infractions, you will lose your access to the Heroes of Newerth forums permanently. No exceptions.

    The system in place allows for the opportunity to gain “extra chances” as well. Should a user display pristine posting behavior over a period of six months, then one of their infractions can “expire” and thus not count towards the five infraction limit. This can only occur three times for any given account.

    NOTE: If a user is determined to be providing no value to the forums, they may lose their access before reaching the infraction limit. This measure is reserved for users that are displaying clear intent to disrupt or cause issues and only used in extreme cases.

    Deletion of Posts Explained

    Sometimes it is necessary for moderators to delete posts from the forums. This can be for many reasons including, but not limited to: breaking the forum rules, off-topic discussion or posting in an anti-constructive manner. In all cases, the moderators will seek to keep the user informed as to why the posts were removed. As described in the infraction section above, users will receive a message for any infraction-worthy material that is removed.

    If users engage in off-topic discussion in a thread, these posts are often deleted to keep the thread on track. In these cases, the posts will be deleted but infractions are not always handed out. However, moderators will post in these threads to notify the users why their posts were removed and to remind them of these forum rules.

    Ban-worthy Offenses

    Breaking any of the rules listed below will result in a permanent ban from the forums and, in some cases, loss of game play privileges. There are no exceptions to these rules and no second chances.


    Posts or remarks regarding the following: future change logs, unreleased heroes, or any new content that has not yet been posted by Frostburn Studios staff members.

    Forum Rule:
    Leaking of any kind will be dealt with severely. If you generate a leak from one of the private forum sections, you will be permanently banned from the forums AND lose your game play privileges.
    Spreading leaked content or posting fake leaks is equally inappropriate. If you spread or fake a leak, you will incur a lengthy forum ban.

    Defaming / Attacking Frostburn Studios

    At Frostburn Studios, we appreciate constructive criticism and are constantly seeking to better ourselves. However, threats, slander, and libel against the company will not be tolerated. Any attack on Frostburn Studios, verbally or otherwise, will be dealt with harshly.

    Forum Rule:
    We will never punish a user for criticizing Frostburn Studios or HoN in a constructive manner. However, defamation and attacks against the company are taken very seriously and harsh punishments will apply. Users found to be behaving in this manner will incur a permanent forum ban.

    Hacks, Exploits, & Malicious Programs

    The use and promotion of hacks, exploits, and malicious software of any kind is strictly forbidden. Mentioning names, posting screenshots, or linking to any such material is considered prohibited.

    Prohibited actions include:

    • Using or distributing "auto" software programs or "macro" software programs or other cheat utilities, programs or scripts.
    • Modifying copyrighted binaries (for any purpose).
    • Uploading any software or content that you do not own or have permission to freely distribute.
    • Promoting or encouraging any illegal activity including hacking, cracking or distribution of counterfeit software.
    • Posting, transmitting, promoting, or distributing content that is illegal.
    • Uploading a file that contains a virus or malicious data.

    Forum Rule:

    The use or promotion of hacks, exploits, or malicious software will result in permanent forum ban and loss of game play privileges.

    Impersonating Frostburn Staff, GMs, & Moderators

    Impersonation of Frostburn Studios employees or volunteer personnel (including, but not limited to: GMs, Moderators, and Support Volunteers) in an attempt to mislead another forum user.

    Forum Rule:
    It is illegal to knowingly impersonate another actual person through or on the forums, for purposes of harming, intimidating, threatening, or defrauding another person. It is illegal, by Forum Rule, for a person to falsely assume or pretend to be a Frostburn employee or volunteer. If you are found to be doing this, you will incur a permanent forum ban and your account name will be flagged for a nickname change where appropriate.

    Multiple & Alternate Accounts

    The use of sub-accounts or unlinked alternate accounts (together referred to as ‘alternate accounts’) on the forums in general is NOT prohibited. However, using alternate accounts to circumvent or avoid punishment is not allowed. Use of alternate accounts on the forums to bump your own threads or manipulate poll results is also not allowed.

    Forum Rule:
    Should a user choose to use alternate accounts for any of the prohibited actions stated above, all infractions they incur on the alternate account(s) will count on the user’s main account as well. We reserve the right to moderate by-the-user rather than by-the-account.
    Alternate accounts used inappropriately will be permanently banned from the forums. Any infractions or punishments given to said alternate account will be applied to the main account as well.

    Infraction-Worthy Offenses

    Breaking any of the rules below will result in an infraction or warning, depending on your account history. Incurring too many infractions will result in a permanent forum ban. Please consult with the “Infractions Explained” section in the Introduction of this document for more information.

    Insulting Other Members & Flaming:

    Insulting: Speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse. This is separate from criticism and generally serves an unconstructive or negative purpose.
    Defamation - the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. Examples include slander and libel.
    Flaming - posting in an argumentative, unreasonable, or confrontational manner to an extreme, or encouraging others to become hostile as a direct result of their post.

    Forum Rule:
    Offensive personal attacks against other users in the form of intentional misrepresentation, false accusations and/or flaming are unacceptable. Do not call other users out, criticize their statistics, or dispraise their gaming abilities. Criticism is fine as long as it's constructive and not insulting. Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.


    Posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages on the forum, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Posting in an unnecessarily argumentative or confrontational way may also be construed as trolling.

    Single sentence / phrase / line / image posts that do not add any value to the thread (referred to as "one liners") may also be construed as trolling.

    Forum Rule:
    Do not try to deliberately offend, provoke or aggravate other users. Do not post content unrelated to the topic of a thread. Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.

    Profanity & Inappropriate Language

    Profanity (also referred to as swearing, cursing, foul speech, or cussing) is a showing of disrespect, a desecration of someone or something, or just the act of expressing intense negative emotion. Profanity can take the form of words, expressions, images, or other social behaviors that are socially constructed or interpreted as insulting, rude, vulgar, obscene, obnoxious, or foul.

    Forum Rule:
    Please use proper language and keep your posts at a reasonable level of quality. Always use your best judgment regardless of medium. If you would not use a word in a room full of people you have never met, or in the workplace, do not use it on these forums. Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.


    Excessive posting of responses that add little to the topic being discussed is considered spamming. Note that one-line or appropriate single-image responses are acceptable in moderation.
    Spamming also includes posting messages for any purpose other than personal communication, including (without limitation): bandwagon complaints, advertising, excessive begging, promotional material related to 3rd party products, referral links, website promotions, product placement, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other commercial use. Content that benefits the game is generally tolerated.
    To better help the community understand what is appropriate versus what is not, we have provided examples of each:
    Inappropriate Advertising:

    • Advertising another non-Frostburn Studios product (including a stream for a non-Frostburn Studios product). Talking about another game is fine but please keep these discussions in the off topic section.
    • Referral links of any kind.
    • Requests for virtual signatures or similar.

    Appropriate (in the right place):

    • Linking your personal HoN-related blog or website.
    • HoN streams.
    • Sponsored articles related to HoN on news sites.

    Forum Rule:
    Do not spam the forums in any way or in any medium. Breaking this rule will result in an infraction. Please consult the forum section reference for additional guidance on the right place to post these topics.

    Illegal, Obscene, and Mature Content

    Discussion of illegal, obscene, adult, morally questionable and other sensitive topics. When in doubt, keep all posts appropriate for readers of any age or origin.
    Examples of topics that are not appropriate for the HoN Forums:

    • Software piracy
    • Politically controversial subjects or events
    • Controlled substances
    • Any subject considered "18+" or "Adult"
    • Graphic violence

    Forum Rule:
    Strong vulgar language, hate speech, crude or explicit sexual references, or discussions related to illegal drugs, terrorist plots, subversive behavior, or other illegal material is inappropriate. Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.

    Threats & Harassment

    Threat – an act of coercion wherein an act is proposed to elicit a negative response. A threat is a communicated with intent to inflict harm on another person.
    Harassment – intentional and persistent behavior targeted towards a specific user or group that is found threatening, disturbing, or harmful.

    Forum Rule:
    Harassing, threatening, embarrassing, or doing anything else to another member or guest that is unwanted will not be tolerated. Do not threaten or harass your fellow users. Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.


    Prejudicial treatment of an individual or group of individuals based on their membership in a certain group or category is considered discriminatory behavior. This includes content that could be construed (regardless of intent) as discrimination against a particular:

    • Race
    • Nationality
    • Ethnicity
    • Gender
    • Sexual Preference
    • Language
    • Religion
    • Age
    • Group of Players (e.g. Rating, Experience, Mode preference, etc.)

    Forum Rule:
    Transmitting or facilitating distribution of content that is discriminatory is prohibited. Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable on the forums and will not be tolerated. Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.

    Discussing Disciplinary and Moderator Actions

    Content related to disciplinary actions is considered private information between Frostburn Studios and the affected party. This includes, but is not limited to, discussion of:

    • Infractions
    • Forum suspensions or bans
    • In-game suspensions or bans
    • Appeals
    • Deletion, closure or movement of posts or threads

    Forum Rule:
    Do not discuss bans, suspensions, infractions, or moderation actions on the forums. There are established ways to appeal a forum or game related punishment:

    • Forum infractions: Use the Report Post button (/!\) in the infraction message.
    • RAP suspensions: Use or PM an SGM (list here) if not able to appeal there.
    • Moderator actions: Privately message a global moderator.

    Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.

    Note that abuse of any of the appeal systems above will result in being ignored, loss of appeal privileges, or account suspension/loss. Please do not make joke appeals, appeal an appeal, re-appeal an already reviewed decision, or try to circumvent the appeal system with direct communication.

    Signature Violations

    All Forum Rules apply in forum signatures and will be enforced. Users will incur infractions as normal for this type of violation.

    Forum Rule:
    Examples of signature violations are as such:

    • Animated or otherwise overly distracting images, coloring, etc.
    • Images containing profanity, suggestive material, etc.
    • Intentionally misquoting users
    • Bandwagon statements with non-constructive intent

    Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.

    Language Violations

    All posts on these boards are to be made in English only, unless noted otherwise in the rules specific to that forum (such as Translations).

    Forum Rule:
    Posting in another language will result in deletion of content and a warning. Trolling or violating any other rule in another language will incur that infraction or ban instead, as appropriate.

    Forum Moderators are not Frostburn Studios employees. My posts in no way represent the view of Frostburn Studios or any of its staff.

    Please use the report post function to have me review a post that you believe is breaking the Forum Rules.
    Check the Sticky Threads for additional information on this sub-forum and the Announcement Threads for more information about Heroes of Newerth as a whole!



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