Thread: 3 things i am looking forward in dota 2

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    1. early access
    2. one time cost
    3. no pay to win

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    1. No more S2Games.
    2. No more S2Games.
    3. No more S2Games.

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    1. Less freedom to SPAM accounts. (Less Griefing)
    2. Better matchmaking algorithm (Obviously will be)
    3. No more empty promises, outrageous timeframes and fail servers.

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    That doesn't look like LoL at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaraMong View Post
    Lycan port.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanderK View Post
    The 0:00 rune was taken out for a very very good reason and I find it hard to believe that anyone would have a problem with it.

    Basically if a halfway decent mid player got either DD or Illusion, they pretty much won the lane. Total coin flip.

    Thats simply not true if this was the case it wouldn't of been part the game for so long and Dan nothing agaisnt u pretty much u and HenryD are the only good thing good about Honcast everyone else talks out there ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomaZ View Post
    Shop lag.
    My suggestions:

    Key Binding -

    Remake votekicking -

    Ability to use item hotkeys while shopping -

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentHaze View Post
    Thats simply not true if this was the case it wouldn't of been part the game for so long and Dan nothing agaisnt u pretty much u and HenryD are the only good thing good about Honcast everyone else talks out there ass.
    It is true, that's kinda what happened.

    And let's not forget the fact that the distribution of the 0:00 rune is primarily based on luck, and nothing else.

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    Oh Yea! Tobiwan FTW

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    No more autistic brazilians.

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    WoW those screenshots show a promising engine, I hear the pace is about 20-40% slower than HoN - I'm happy with it being 30% -ish slower my micro is getting better the more I play, however sometimes things happen way too fast. Also a game that is 30% slower is more likely to not have as many sub-par players in the mediocre bracket.

    I don't have any issue with the units being bigger, or the game being too zoomed in, It is often hard to keep a visual track of whats going on in a team fight. The art work is easier on the eyes as well, this grey and green overly serious forest of caldavar map is not doing my depression any favours

    I'm most likely going to move as well. I take issue with this whole free-to-play fiasco, I don't have a problem with dota2 being free to play, since that has been their plan all along. But hey game companies faill all the time, perhaps valve will fail for a change

    I really hope they have a rating system that seperate good players from bad ones. The PSR system is ABSOLUTELY not designed for 5v5 random players. it's designed for unit vs. unit, like in SC where they treat teams as units.

    This is a niche competitive game, I feel S2 has let down its player base by the presumptuous decisions they have taken in the last few months. I do not trust their vision of the MoBA genre anymore. I do not really want to switch and relearn a hundred heroes. But, sacrifices have to be made
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    0:00 rune broke middle lane. If it was DD or Illusion you were screwed. Invis or Regen really didn't do much at level 1 and haste was the one with the most potential for level 1 action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sphino View Post
    Taking out the 0.00 rune was the most stupidest thing I can remember in HoN patching history. It gave action and forced teams to roam the river & strategize on high level.
    Step 1 : 4 guys (one of which the mid) camp rune , other guy camps other rune
    Step 2 : if rune on 4 guys, mid gets it , if rune on 1 guy, he tells the other guy what's the rune
    Step 3 : Lane mid with possible handicap

    Oh God the mind games are literally raping me.
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    They will obviously port lycan. So im on the train.
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    1. Fair and balanced game.
    2. Good servers!
    3. Other things to do that play one map, one mode all the time!

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    only one mention of early acces.. i am dissapoint

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    btw 1: you dont need to play with russians
    2: you dont need to play with brazils
    3: you dont need to play with swedens

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