Thread: I'm stuck at "Logging in, please wait .."

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    I'm stuck at "Logging in, please wait .."

    For more that 3 days now , me account have been wierd. I cannot log in at all - i have made 3 accounts ( by 3 keys i had ) and i cannot log in with any of them , i tried with my friends account and that does not work either.

    When i TRY to log in it sais : "Logging in, please wait" and after several minutes it sais : Connection problem or Bad data

    Now - please .. if you know how to solve the problem please let me know - either here on the site or on ---> [email protected] .. Thx man !

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    Uhh... Wrong section...
    But still just reinstall and I think it will fix the problem.
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    This has been a known issue for several days. You should really check the Customer Support section.
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