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    Heroes of Newerth LAN and Offline BOT play

    Now that Pandora's box has been finally opened (F2P), the next logical steps for S2 Games to completely pull ahead in the Dota genre are enabling LAN and offline bot play (AI).

    Why LAN?

    Warcraft III's Defense of the Ancients and Starcraft Broodwar gained popularity because it was easily accessible to players. LAN mode helps multiply exposure for a game title particularly in net cafes (PC bangs). Without LAN, DotA and SC:BW would not have become as big as they were.

    Is LAN possible in Heroes of Newerth?

    The game also has a reconnect feature that allows players who have disconnected a match to reconnect in a certain amount of time. This feature actually hits close to home as I noticed that even StarCraft 2 had problems that could have been fixed with this at MLG Dallas. Players had trouble keeping a connection to the game and this ruined some awesome matches that I looked forward to. Not only this, but also while other games like StarCraft 2 might not have LAN mode, we are able to provide LAN when appropriate at events.

    All of these features, including in-game VoIP and the ability to pause are in the game because we developed Heroes of Newerth to be a competitive title.

    Will LAN promote piracy?

    It cannot be deniable that adding native LAN support would greatly increase the chances of pirating HoN but one good thing going for S2 Games is that, the biggest private server that made pirated DotA playable online has a contract with the company.

    Additionally, hacked/pirated versions of HoN that allow LAN play already exist.

    Why would people still play Heroes of Newerth online if LAN support is available?

    Since games aren't hosted server-side. Matchmaking, Ladder, Stats-tracking, anti-cheat system and earning Gold Coins wouldn't be possible in LAN.

    What system should be used?

    If S2 is adamant on increasing sales in exchange for lowering the highest potential exposure for HoN, S2 Games can implement a verification system that only allows LEGACY and VERIFIED accounts to access LAN. But if S2 Games wants to follow the footsteps of DotA as a huge game, no-holds barred LAN support is a possibility.

    Offline BOT play?

    With the free to play system, a lot of LoL players and new players to the Dota genre would be interested in trying out Heroes of Newerth - a game with a steep learning curve. Offline Bots would help in the transition for these players without putting stress on HoN's servers. DotA AI maps have helped millions of DotA players learn the game without ruining somebody else's DotA experience.

    *If League of Legends has bots, why can't a more polished game like Heroes of Newerth have one?

    It does not have to be perfect once released. DotA bots were really bad when the first DotA Ai maps came out.

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    I think S2 will have to first see how the micro-transactions will go now that it's F2P and anyone can buy virtual currency to spice up their experience to their liking.

    If it goes really bad for S2 and not as planned maybe they will realize that perhaps letting people play LAN and with bots for solo play, will actually make the game more interesting and perhaps more serious gamers would start playing it too. I can imagine classic DotA gamers trying it out at least if they know it has LAN features.

    In any case I too am one of those that want bots and LAN play but if S2 does not deliver I am looking forward to DOTA2. It's kind of sad that NO one has made a DotA game in the same style as the classic one, the current HoN and LoL revolve around micro-transactions and no LAN, I don't like these models at all and I know for a fact that most don't either, people like to buy a game and own it completely -not be subjected to "no LAN" and especially no real practice mode with bots, kind of a big let down.

    I kind of forgot what the thread was about now, haha. :P

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    tbh LAN won't happen since compared to 10 years ago most houses have a broadband internet connection which easily can handle more than 1 player to play practise games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaZyGolfer View Post
    tbh LAN won't happen since compared to 10 years ago most houses have a broadband internet connection which easily can handle more than 1 player to play practise games.
    yes but if you host a lanparty then your connection gets insufficient.

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    One step at a time. Though I do agree on LAN, I do not want it immediatly. Maybe after 3 or more months will be OK with me.
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    Didn't you or someone post something similar a few days ago?
    EDIT: My bad, didnt see the date created
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    LAN is not needed. S2 already provides a LAN version of the game for all major tournaments.

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    I think LAN would be a nice addition, especially now the game is F2P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Systemdir View Post
    yes but if you host a lanparty then your connection gets insufficient.
    no it doesnt, even 1 or 2 mbit are enough to play with 5-6 ppl and since alot of households already have 10mbit or more...

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    need LAN (hate to use a hacked version for this because i like S2 but if they deny this feature ppl look for other opinions)

    need AI (much better to learn basics with bots than actually in 1500 MM)

    NEED CUSTOM MAPS playable (nothing more to say this is essential if HON will survive)

    but i dont need all asap
    hope this things come soon before Dota2 came
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    need only custom maps , everything else is fine

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    Yea, custom maps and everyone will be happy forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...

    you get it...
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    We need bots. In all of the games I've played earlier that had a multiplayer option, I almost allways played the single player version. (Like Age of Empires.) That's how I learned the games, and the bot don't rage out on you if you fail.

    I can also imagine myself go out of my home, and camp somewhere random. 'oh no I can't play hon, I don't have internet... But wait! I can play the single player mode!'

    And this shouldn't be that hard too fix either, since in the new tutorial you play against a Dark Lady. That is atleast a start.

    And back in the beta, the old login screen said that there would maybe be a Lan version to the game, it was just not clickable at the time, and when the game was released that button was removed.

    Give us bots!

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    The only reason for a LAN option (or "host your own game"-option) is if S2 keeps on ****ing up their servers.

    Bots however is a nice, and needed, addition. Ive read LoL posts where they are crying about HoN not having bots.. HoN also needs a bulletproof tutorial with fun step-by-step learning from basics too semi-advanced stuff.
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    let's be honest. How man ppl started playing DotA because they played it at a LAN-Party?

    I can only say a whole lot. And even here in Germany, there are lots of ppl who have a terrible connection.

    Yesterday for example i was on a lan (13 guys) with my old dota friends and i finally realized how much faster and better HoN is when i played DotA with them, but due to 500-DSL we weren't able to play, so they might never play a game of HoN in their entire live and will instead buy DotA2 when it comes out.

    Especially now when hon is free to play, piracy wouldn't be such a big problem since all the fun things like mm and the stats wouldn't be there.

    Also the reason lots of people played DotA over for example garena was that the had a huge delay and ppl lagged out. I don't see these probs with the HoN-servers atm

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    i'm quite sure if you can get the AI system done.. S2 might implement it and maybe use it pratice or even a new game mode.

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    Some of us have been waiting the LAN option since the beta...

    And by the way, things that should be solved asap:
    - remake: in the beta worked. After a patch, it broke and nobody knows when it will be back
    - voip autolevel: yes, you can´t use the autolevel for the voip, but in the beta it also workded

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    I've always been promoting and organizing LANs and decentralized events. That's the future, not the cloud. Get LAN feature ASAP. It's also a good way to make the learning curve less hard - people tend to play even when not connected, or internet is not available (some university), so they learn more and have no problems when online
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    -LAN is not trivial to implement considering S2 has focused on the idea that game is played on the server and the server sends information back to the clients

    -Cheating through map hacks such as fog of war are currently not possible, LAN would make some of them possible for at least the host of a LAN match

    -Bots are generally really stupid, at least the DotA ones are. I can't speak for LoL but I am pretty confident that bots would not really promote good gameplay or make players better. The only argument for this is the ability to play without the trolls online, which you can always mute and ignore.

    -I am pretty sure S2 has other things that they are going to prioritize over LAN and bot play, ways that will improve the game for EVERYONE rather than people who want to play the game offline

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