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    Lagging or? something.......

    When Im playing I experience some kind of lag issue. The screen isnt really lagging but all effects and movements of the character and so on are dull and not runnning smoothly at all. FPS is about 60 and the screen is 60hz :S the internet connection is enough and beyond the req for this game. What can be the problem???? Please some assistans.

    This is my PC rig:
    Asus x58d-e
    chip: i7 2.8
    ram: 6gb
    graphic: GTX 460 1gb

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    You may wanna run a tracert / ping against hon's servers. Type /ping in a game, and see what ping your at. If it's not your internet connection try running the game with lower settings, reflection and refraction graphic settings can be taxing on a lot of pc's for some reason or another, try turning those off or other settings one by one.

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    im lagging... my ping is nice 92 .. and i don't know what's the problem not my internet.. not the graphics and what shud i do .. always shows the net chords at the left side of my monitor.

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    The higher your ping is, the more delay there is when you click. The lower your framerate is, the more everything gets chopped up. The problem might be in differing refresh rates, but I can't be quite sure.

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