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    Just wow.

    DotA 2 wins.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BadAtHon View Post
    And D3 is coming out soon. No idea what to do =/.
    Totally different games man.

    DOTA 2 you'll be able to sit down and play for a couple hours a day...

    While Diablo 3 will eat your life and spit out the nasty parts.

    What does that all mean!??!?!


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    DotA 2 tourny 1 MILLION dollar prize pool.

    This is why Valve rocks ass.
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    To put it in perspective...

    The DOTA2 tournament is roughly TWICE the TOTAL of ALL tournaments held so far by both HoN and LoL COMBINED.

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    s2 and riot just got faceraped

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    dota 2 - 1 million $ tournament on gamescom

    hf gl

    bye hon

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    This is just insane lol. Valve will annihilate all moba $$ style.

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    dota 2?


    Dota 2 Championships: First Public Showing at Gamescom

    August 1, 2011 — Valve today announced The International. This tournament will be the first time Dota 2 is shown in public, and will take place August 17th -21st at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

    The International features the 16 best Dota teams in the world competing in the Dota 2 Championships through a group stage, double elimination playoff format over the course of Cologne's five-day trade show.

    The tournament will be broadcast in four languages (Chinese, German, Russian, and English) free of charge. The winning team will receive $1 million.

    “The International is the first public Dota 2 event and will give the tens of millions of gamers playing Dota around the world their first look at the new game,” said Gabe Newell, president and founder of Valve. “I have had the good fortune to watch the competitors as they prepare for the tournament, and the level of play is extraordinary.”

    In addition to the cash prizes awarded by Valve, NVidia is providing all the hardware for the event.

    Dota 2 will be available for the PC and Mac later this year. For more information on Valve and its games, please visit

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    I'm not sure that this is legit. The site is well presented but the $1m number sounds like total and complete bullshit

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    Its a smart move from valve
    S2 did a fantastic job and i love HoN
    But that time is over
    And soon it will be time to move on

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    that's more than all hon tournaments combined.

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    1 mio, not bad, S2 cant even afford a decent british speaking man for voice acting
    Quote Originally Posted by Nome View Post
    Alright, let's put it this way.

    1. PSR means nothing, outside of tourney seeding and e-peen.

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    HoN just died.

    How are you going to compete with 1m $ grand prices. And the fact that everyone hate $2 now.

    GG!, had my 30min of fun in this game.

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    seems legit to me... although i must agree: unbelievable...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calcifer View Post
    I'm not sure that this is legit. The site is well presented but the $1m number sounds like total and complete bullshit
    It's legit

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    This has to be a joke. There will be DOTA 2 championship in less than 3 weeks yet there's not a single in game screenshot out?
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    wow thats insane

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    it is legit

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