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    HoN Text Effects Guide


    This is a short guide to using available text effects in HoN. Currently, available text effects are:

    • Colored text
    • Glowing text

    (and their combinations)

    Colored text

    There are two ways that I'm aware of to use colored text:

    • Use the color letter

    Type the following before the text:
    Where 'C' is a letter representing the color. I do not know all the colors that are supported, but some obvious working ones are: W (white), R (red), G (green), B (blue), Y (yellow), etc. You can experiment and see. Letter casing does not matter, you can use both lower casing (e.g. for red text: '^r') and upper casing (e.g. for red text: '^R').


    ^Rthis text will appear red in HoN = this text will appear red in HoN
    • Use the RGB code

    Type the following before the text:
    Where 'R', 'G' and 'B' are numbers between 0-9 which define the red (R), green (G) and blue (B) component of the color.

    This is the standard RGB (additive) color model, but compressed as they allow you only to use numbers 0-9 instead of the hexadecimal numeral system (0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F) which would cover the whole 24-bit RGB color spectrum. I dunno why they did not allow the use of the hexadecimal system as it would only take one character anyway, strange.

    Anyway, back to more practical stuff: 0 (zero) means the color component is off, while 9 means it is fully on. So you just combine color components to get the final color.


    ^900this text will appear red in HoN = this text will appear red in HoN
    (R = 9 fully on, G = 0 off, B = 0 off)

    ^999this text will appear white in HoN = this text will appear white in HoN
    (R = 9 fully on, G = 9 fully on, B = 9 fully on)
    (as RGB is additive color system, full red + full green + full blue = white)

    Glowing text

    For glowing text, type the following before text:
    ^:glowing text in HoN =

    Combining colored and glowing text

    You can also combine both effects together.

    ^G^:green glowing text in HoN =

    External tools

    As mentioned, by combining those two techniques you can get some really cool looking text, but that is a cumbersome process. To aid in that, there is a tool called 'HoN Color Text Generator':

    By setting few options and clicking the 'Generate' button, you can get some interesting results. If you like what you got, just select and copy the generated HoN text and paste it to HoN.


    ^499thi^489s is ^689g^679rad^779ien^769t tex^969t = this is gradient text
    (using the tool I generated a gradient between two colors)

    ^900a^920u^950t^970o^990m^790a^590t^290i^090c ^095r^097a^099i^079n^059b^029o^009w ^509e^709f^909f^707e^505c^202t
    = automatic rainbow effect
    (using the tool I generated a rainbow text)

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    Thank you, always wanted to know this.
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    hon armory link doesnt work anymore
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    Awesome[2], thanks.
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    Ty so much now i dont look like a fool in hon chat cuz i know how to type in colours

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