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    puppet with some other stuns should be a fine counter to magebane. He has both hold to disable his blink, and then puppet show and his ult to finish him off.

    i think pest is pretty strong against him, especially around level 7.

    arachna is a possible counter, just since she can slow him way down during teamfights, and her ult works through bkb.

    silence him, disable him, throw alot of damage his way. If you let a carry farm, they are going to carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pheesh View Post
    bloodhunter should be one option if he's relying on blink to get himself out of ganks
    silence + ult throughout the game
    can be dangerous to silence him late game though if he's ready to stand and fight
    That's why you NEVER level BH's silence beyond level 1 until level 23, 24, 25. Always go with something else and stats first. This way, the silence does the MOST damage (dot) and buffs enemy damage the least, and also silences them.
    GL HF

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    If you wanna own Magebane lategame, don't let him farm early/mid game.

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    magebane is a decent carry but there are way better ones, i can't say i find him a particularly problem.

    Lol at people suggesting bloodhunters 12 second silence though

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    A good counter to Magebane?

    Get a strength carry like Hammer or Predator. They can tank, they get effective a lot earlier.

    I don't understand all those issues here.

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    i did a magebane 1v1 vs rampage, and needless to say i wouldnt blink out fast enogh...

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