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    SK Gaming

    They dropped their HoN team. Guess they are looking for a new team, with less rice? ;o

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    True dat

    Protip: Click picture to make it bigger.

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    Confirmed. Stay tuned.

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    I'd recon either DWI or a europe team will be picked up

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    [SK]Scandal, make it happen.

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    BW, Germany
    that'd be neat

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    I hope they don't waste the tag in another US team. At least this time take an active role know, going to lans and stuff that only happens in the EU scene.

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    I reckon they are either going to sign Phb, or make the OK guys move to them. I think the Germans aren't too happy with their organization after DH.

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    That american scene. One gotta love it.

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    I hope they create a new team out of the people who lack motivation and people who are on non serious teams or something. Just picking OK would be boring.

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    PhB > SK, make it happen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hsssh View Post
    [SK]andal, make it happen.

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    No surprise here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROEKARN View Post
    PhB > SK, make it happen!
    all of my money

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    obv just want one more slot for a lol team
    Quote Originally Posted by JoshP View Post
    if there was a single competitive hon player that was female i would fly to her house and viciously rape her and force her to be my wife for life

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    [sk]scandal - mid
    [sk]scandal - support
    [sk]scandal - 2nd support
    [sk]scandal - solo bot/top lane
    [sk]scandal - trilane carry

    the best roster I guess

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    they will pick up a eu team, so much cheaper to send where needed

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    Problem with picking an EU team: None exist that arn't sponsored already...

    DWI best choice here methinks

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    thermy the dumbest guy going

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    finally you got rid of that trashbag frodo and his crew <3

    inb4 [sGty]
    would be the best troll in the history of the genre

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