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    Compensation, Apology, Explanation, & Commitment

    Compensation & Apology

    We realize there is nothing we can do to make up for the last five weeks of unacceptable performance. We would like to reward your loyalty, patience, and understanding with the following:

    1. Every player will receive 2,000 silver coins.
    2. Every item in the Goblin Store will be unlocked until Wednesday, June 29 at 12 PM EDT (GMT -4) for players to use in their games (This excludes Nickname Changes, Custom Account Icons, and items not currently available for purchase).
    3. Leaves from Tuesday, May 17 through Thursday, June 9 will be removed from all players. This is in response to numerous server issues, reconnection issues, etc. for users who should not have received leaves.

    We sincerely thank the entire HoN community.

    Synopsis of Events

    Following the DDoS attacks in May, we retained a world renowned internet security firm to secure our network (this required significant software and architecture changes). After our network was secured, our then current hosting provider began experiencing connectivity issues. On June 9th, we began a transition to one of the premiere hosting companies in the world. Though the transition period was rocky, we had the system in a near 99% functional state. It was at this time that CPU upgrades to the database boxes were needed to allow for additional capacity and consistency of service. On Tuesday, June 21st, the replacement of the CPUs was started. Upon bringing the boxes back online, the engineers noticed anomalies in the raid setup, causing a total loss of data on the master and slave boxes. Following these events, they immediately attempted a restoration process on the data, it is unknown at this time if any of the data is recoverable. Concurrent to this happening, we began work to bring up our previous provider’s network that was still in place with the data from June 9th, which brings us to today. We are currently running on a temporary system while we construct our new environment at another hosting firm. Due to this system’s temporary nature, not all services may be operating at 100%.

    We are planning for another maintenance window at which point we will switch to the new infrastructure. During this transition, we intend on having the game playable and will inform the playerbase of this maintenance at a later time.

    Taking Responsibility & Commitment To Excellence

    We hold ourselves completely accountable for the events that have transpired. Through two years of closed beta, open beta, and retail play, we provided nearly 100% uptime. We are intent on restoring this level of service you have all come to expect. We will be making the necessary adjustments in our systems, processes, and management to achieve a better and more reliable quality of service!
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