Thread: never played WoW, should i start?

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    never played WoW, should i start?

    ok i love the games like dota, i hate leavers then i love hon too. but its too much for me. i wanna start a game. and i know if i dont pay for the game i will come back to s2.

    so should i start wow or is there any p2p online game suggestions?

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    No. WoW is boring, dull and you see alot of idiots there, too.
    Monthly feed games are usually sh!t...

    btw this belongs to offtopic...

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    Tried it after taking a break from hon. Its horrible, boring and imbalanced.

    Basically you can get unlucky with a patch and have to Reroll a new class at any time for the season.

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    World of warcraft is fun, so is Hon. PLAY EM BOTH?

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    I play wow. Raiding is lots of run. Try the free trial then decide.

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    If anything, you should wait a bit, since there are (supposedly good) MMOs coming out in the not so far future. Games like the following:

    TERA - The exiled realm of Arborea features a slightly more active combat than WoW, is developed in Korea and doesn't look too bad.
    GW2 - Guild Wars 2 features dynamic events (basicaly, you walk around the world, and whenever you see that something seems fishy, you will find something where you get something to do), those serve as the games "quests" and obsolete the running around looking for yellow exclamation marks. Also, more active combat (no auto-attacks, more or less active dodging and so on) and an interesting ability system are two important features (you change your active abilities by swapping your weapons).
    SWTOR - I don't really know too much about it, but supposedly it's more or less plot-driven and has a lot of cut-scenes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trapstr View Post
    I play wow. Raiding is lots of run. Try the free trial then decide.
    Raids myb are ... But if he starts playing now, he will get to the raiding points in 2 - 3 months ...

    I dont want to waste my time on that imo ... Hon is way more dinamic than WoW ...

    Every new game is totaly new .. Rather find yourself a team and you will realize that there is NO better game than hon

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    The truth about Wow-

    I stopped playing a few weeks ago. I played from about....3 months after release.

    That game WAS fun, but after 2 terrible expansions, I no longer can stand that game.

    Wow has become TERRIBLE! Leveling is no longer fun, its just boring, it only takes me around 2-3 weeks to make an 85, with guild bonuses and item bonuses, that 3 weeks will take you at least 5-6 weeks if you don't have increased experience and don't know where quests are and end.

    That time is BORING, BORING, BORING!!! After that INCREDIBLE time consuming leveling, you get to level 85, where you spend another few week leveling up gear to get to item level 355, pretty much minimum for raiding...But don't get your hopes up, because you have to find a leveling GUILD! That will take even longer if you aren't a tank or healer.

    After all that, you become a raider...Once or twice a week you have a chance to fight the same 5 bosses to get items that you almost never get. Then you realise you need something to do between you start another character...And it all starts over.

    Don't bother, its a TERRIBLE game now, the fun has been sucked out to increase profit margins, just don't do it.

    And if you plan on buying it for PVP, DO NOT! This game has the worst PVP in any MMO I've ever seen in my entire life, its just awful...

    I'll answer any questions you have about WoW, ask em here.

    On a related note, there is a MUCH better looking MMO coming out soon that's free to play, Guild Wars 2. I hope it will be better. Also one called Tera: The exiled realm of Arborea, which is a more action based MMO. Also theres another star wars mmo coming out and in a year or 2 I think theres a MMO about Warhammer 40k coming out.
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    No, cataclysm was worst expansion in the game. raiding is far too casual and pvp is complete ****

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    Go ahead, its damn fun for a month or two. Great time sink.

    But eventually you will see the fruitless waste of time that it is to invest so much in fine tuning your digital character. You will get burnt out and fail to see the point of playing the game.

    You will come back to HoN.
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    Getting ur **** together take a long very long time.
    Ive played for 6 years and take it from unless you have alot of spare time and i mean realy alot its not worth to start from scratch.
    You might start a class you dont wanna play at level 85 because ur uncertain about the classes and playstyles. gearing up takes a while aswell as learning how to play if you have no clue at all.
    So its gonna be a long journey, it might be sweet but it will be long.

    So check some gameplay do research and decide on a class and profession if you want to start and then the rest will come.

    Ull meet people on the way as you go and ive made some great friend whom wich i still play with today, so i don't regret playing. But in the end choose for urself and ur wow friends will be contesting with ur other friends. Whatever you do dont lose urself in that game.

    because after all its just a god damn game.


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    Played it for a month or so, everything was pretty awsome at start, but when you reach the level cap and done most of the quests and epic gears.
    Its fking boring as hell.
    There were only 3 things for me to do everyday:

    1)Look at mailbox
    2)Look in auctionhouse
    3)Do your random dungeon for points

    But yea, starting the game up to lategame was fun.
    Also depends how much you like grinding.

    PS! i maxed lvl 1 - 85 in 2 weeks lol

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    uum.**** no you sould not wow is a life eater trust me i learned the hard way! and s2 plz guys fix the game its not fun playing outside with the dogs for 5 hours

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    Wow is fun if you have never ever played it before. It's not the same as it used to be......

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    First time trought WoW was awesome epicness but that was back in 2004-2005 - a lot of differences have been made since then. But you shud def. try it out if you wanna spend a lot of time playing something.

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    i'm played for 1 month and i'm bored ... dont start

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    WoW was fun pre-bc.... 40 man raids were where it was at! And it actually took a lot of time and effort to get characters to 60. Not to mention, Purple gear was hard to get due to only a select amount of guilds being able to run the high end raids and the whole DKP system. Now they just give that **** away.

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    WoW is boring, skip that game.

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    Its a good game.
    The ones who says its boring have either played it since release and gotten bored after all these years or they have just tried it from lvl 1-20.. so..

    well, If you like MMORPG's WoW is the one game to go for imo

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    Play Rift, it's basically WoW 2.0.

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