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    HoN Commentaries

    Hi there!

    I recently decided that I would take a shot at commentating a few games of HoN that my friends were playing and thought I'd share them with the wider community. I've been informed that there have been others trying to do this before, to little success. Before you do view the videos I will say a couple of things:

    The weakest part of my casting is almost certainly my lack of in-depth knowledge of HoN. This, coupled with getting words mixed up and simply running out of breath in places can lead to me sounding like an utter dumbass. Some of the things I say (the ones I have noticed of which are stored in the description of the videos themselves) are unbelievably stupid. If you spot something I've missed, please feel free to post and point out how horribly wrong I am. However, I do not need to be told that my HoN knowledge is "omgsocrapicouldkillmyself" and thus these comments are not needed.

    While the recording quality is smooth and good enough to see the action, it isn't perfect. I'm going to mess with some settings for videos four onwards to try and get a higher quality. My own spammy camera movement can get in the way of things as well.

    General casting tips as well as HoN knowledge improvements are appreciated and welcome.

    On with the videos. Bold = Personal favourite video. Videos can be downloaded from fileplay, as well as watched on what is, in my opinion, a superior player. Viddler is simply a backup.

    EDIT: 11th Oct 2009 - Fileplay counts 800*600 as HD, so if you want to view it at its highest rez, you'll need to create an account. Viddler will either not need this or will decrease the resolution of the video.

    Video 1 - Fileplay Viddler
    Video 2 - Fileplay Viddler
    Video 3 - Fileplay Viddler
    Video 4 - Fileplay Viddler
    Video 5 - Fileplay Viddler
    Video 6 - Fileplay Viddler
    Video 7 - Fileplay Viddler
    Video 8 - Fileplay Viddler
    Video 9 - Fileplay Viddler
    Video 10 - yeah nevermind.
    Video 11 - Fileplay

    Video 1
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    I enjoyed your Videos, but pls pls!! stop that hasty camera!! Take yourself some more time. dont use ur Arrow-Keys for scrolling and dont do it that fast! Some people might throw up from viewing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valor2002 View Post
    I enjoyed your Videos, but pls pls!! stop that hasty camera!! Take yourself some more time. dont use ur Arrow-Keys for scrolling and dont do it that fast! Some people might throw up from viewing this.
    I agree that my camera movement needs to slow down. There are definetly points where I move the camera around when it really isn't necessary.

    However, not using the arrow keys? Really? It allows the mouse to be used as a pointer (as well as quick moving of the map via the mini-map) and means I can react fast when I need to. I realise it's part of the problem (also the sounds show up on the mic, which is more than a little annoying), but I can't see how it would improve the cast if I stop using the arrow keys.

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    Much better commentary than e-rev's early commentaries. Liking it. Can't judge general game knowledge since I'm not that good myself but definitely a good commentary voice, good pace, looking forward to more!

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    Very sexy voice and accent combination.
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    It would be better if you where not maphacking for the home team. =P

    But really commentary.

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    Good job, I enjoyed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingEye View Post
    It would be better if you where not maphacking for the home team. =P
    It would be a handycap rather than an Advantage, since his knowledge is... yeah... not good.

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    Having watched the first one I must say it was very enjoyable.

    I would note, though, that there were several inaccuracies with regards to comparing HoN heroes to DotA ones. A minor point at most, but still something which is easily avoided (i.e. calling Valk a Queen of Pain copy instead of Priestess of the Moon and not recognising that Soul Reaper is a copy of Necrolyte).

    I heartily look forward to hearing more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dune_ View Post
    (i.e. calling Valk a Queen of Pain copy instead of Priestess of the Moon and not recognising that Soul Reaper is a copy of Necrolyte).
    I raged pretty hard at this when I realised I'd done it, DotA comparisons being one of the few things I was pretty sure I was going to get right :P It improves in the other two videos, though I miss Blacksmith being Ogre Magi until later in a game.

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    In comparison to Caramellblacktempledansen, this is great, CS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkaen View Post
    In comparison to Caramellblacktempledansen, this is great, CS
    I am never going to live this down.

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    I really enjoyed watching those! Just train some on the words etc, otherwise your no worse than a proffesional commentator

    keep 'em commin!

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    Very nice. Reminds me of zero-punctuation a tad. Must be your accent.
    Work on your knowledge about the game and you'll be golden.

    I'm still hoping they'll add a higher zoom for spectators, should help a ton with the frantic cam movement problem.
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    A lot better than the idiotic comments of e-rev

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    You have a good commentary voice.

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    Doog stuff.

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    This can't possibly be worse than what I've seen so far unless you have down syndrome and are trying to talk on a cell phone while commentating on the wrong game. So I look forward to watching. =D

    EDIT: So after watching my suggestion is simply to find a knowledgeable partner that you can feed off of and bounce ideas and it's to everyone's benefit. You won't have a chance of appealing to the elite crowd without it.

    One thing that I really find works well is to have someone who's a good flavor commentator (potentially you) combine with someone who isn't that great at it, but really knows the competition in question (HoN). There's tons of examples: you have people like Troy Aikman broadcasting with someone for NFL, Joe Rogan (who trains MMA) and a semi-clueless partner for UFC, etc.

    In my opinion those commentaries can be so much better than two experienced players doing the casting. It can really work well if the person without the knowledge is humble and asks questions that come to mind (that a lot of newbies watching probably want to ask, too), and the experienced player isn't an ******* and answers them without being condescending. For example, "Okay we see the team composition of Team x, what do you think of it?" "Well based on what they've chosen, we can expect to see ... because" or "I don't see why he's going for a Brutalizer here, is that a common build for his hero?" "Well, yes and no, because he had a weak early game..." It doesn't need to be constant, but there's a lot of down time in DotA/HoN and what better to fill that with than learning?

    Was not bad, good luck!
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    Decency - I absolutely agree. I even have someone in mind who would be good for it, but the problem is duel recording over the internet is an absolute hassle (that honestly isn't worth the time and effort), while I don't live close enough to journey to someone's house every day or so. With a bit of luck I may end up closer to someone who I can do this with soon, but for the mean time it just isn't possible.

    I agree whole heartedly though, that I would benefit from a co-caster and were it possible would certainly be something I'd look in to. In the mean time I'm simply going to try to improve my knowledge as much as possible; which also gives me time to improve my casting in preparation for both when I have access to a co-caster and for other games on which I will be more knowledgeable.
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    You might want to try to to get in touch with StarCraft commentators such as Moletrap and Diggity (links at end). They do dual and triple and even quad commentaries frequently on recorded games and none of them live near each other.

    I'm not exactly sure how they go about doing it but it can't be too difficult or expensive, they routinely ask for donations. =p

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