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    Authentication / No Response ***WORKAROUND***

    A lot of people have been getting authentication errors when logging in, or "no response from server" after sitting in the MMR queue.

    Luckily for you, I have found a WORKAROUND. Instructions are on my page here . It's a combination of stuff already posted (making sure you're not IP banned, making sure DNS points to the right place), as well as some instructions for clearing the DNS/ARP cache (usually cleared on reboot anyway).

    If you go , my page checks what browser and OS you're running, and you get the appropriate instructions for Windows XP or Windows Vista/7. If anyone can get a guide working for OSX/Linux, I can add it to my page. But Linux + WINE should work fine, and OSX + Parallels might work too.

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    inb4 lock&ban.

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    You sir are the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by warfr0g View Post
    inb4 lock&ban.
    I'm helping out by providing a workaround for those having trouble.
    I should get a :+1luck: for this thread.

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    I see what you did there

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    just e-mail me your account info, i will log in for ya

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    That was, uhm... helpful.
    Maybe I should find something cool to add here...

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    Worked for me! Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by MileyCyrus View Post
    on the brightside, LOL @ whoever bought diamond

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    i literally and literally LoL'd
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    This workaround made my game look totally awful and my skill somehow increased by ten times. I cannot imagine how, but I always win. Sadly, I have to quit, because my eyes are hurting hard after applying this workaround.

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    Weird, it worked, but My eye's are vomiting rainbows now.

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