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Thread: Live HoN Stream

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    Live HoN Stream

    just posting a live stream of me playing some HoN.

    My gameplay is so-so haha so don't expect great things from me.

    but ya trolls are welcome =P me gusta

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    PAUSED FOREVER lol sucks

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    wow no trolls surprised haha

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    That Pharaoh on stream is a strange person. xD
    Anime and game related soundmods:

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    still streaming ^^

    lost the first game sad face =(

    but onto the next ^^

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    wow i suck today lol

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    Moved to appropriate section

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    Delete this post

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    Hey Guys, watch me playin' some HoN on my road to 1800. Sometimes having fun with friends, sometimes im playing with viewers... so feel free to join and watch

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    Do you want to stream "fullscreen" and not window mode in HoN. ive can help you , check out this video and it will help you with 1 easy program that allows you to have HoN in fullscreen

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