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    Match has not been submitted yet

    Any idea on why this keeps happening? I'm on a 20 mmr loss now because 2 of my games hasn't been submitted.

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    Same here. Played a game as SS, he went up to a % of my most played heroes, however the game itself didnt get recorded

    edit: hes gone, again. however my former most played hero Doctor Repulsor is back
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    i really hope they fix hon soon...

    i lost 80% of my games.
    When i win, i have this

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    Same, won 2 games in a row but no points (((

    Next time I loose theyve prolly fixed the problem :P

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    Haha yeah none of my losses seem to go magically missing, but any win just decides to randomly go missing! I'd rather play no stats if i wanted no stats...

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    happened to me just now

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    getting tired of this, happened to me too now..

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    Happend to me now as well. QQ 15-0 quick win consectuive game games.


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    s2 this is ****ing lame -.-

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    annihalation and immortal , not recorded, thnx s2

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    Lame, 10-2 and a win, trying hard to get stats up, this ain't helping >.<

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    Answer from S2 is WELCOME.

    Please omg, why does S2 never give informations about prob bein' fixed or not...
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    Main priority, FIX IT! Then if it's possible give me back my lost points!! First the DDOs attack which made me loose points cuz the game crashed in the middle of a game, then this.....

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    I think the stats will be recorded, just not right away. Give it a few days, weeks, years? We might get the stats!

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    now i have this :

    Look like the match wont appear.
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    Immortal and Quick Victory not recorded 10 minutes ago. GG

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    10-0 pudge
    9-2 doc

    wins not recorded. this is really starting to irritate me

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