Thread: The Hon Conspiracy: [S2] Maliken is the biggest mastermind.

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    The Hon Conspiracy: [S2] Maliken is the biggest mastermind.

    Okay, so I've tarnished my name in the S2 community and the HoN forum community and I'm now known as a troll in many people's eyes, therefore I don't think anything else I write will do any harm. Anyways, while at school, I was bored out of my mind so I began to think about HoN conspiracies as I just received a message that HoN was down again and the general playing population could not connect. I began to think about the different views that people have have regarding the whole DDoS attack situation.

    Many people are just plain angry at the fact that they paid for a game and are receiving terrible service as well as not being able to play the game at all. Other people are trying to boast about their writing skills and post copypasta about how a DDoS attack really isn't something that any company can prepare for or even prevent, all in hopes that people will regard them as a great thinker (big white knight for S2 LOL).

    However, to get to the point, I agree with both these opposing views, however, I then began to think as to why someone would attack HoN. It's not like they are a hate crime organization or have done anything negative like attack someone/something. I know most of you are going to get all technical on my ass and post big links about past DDoS attacks and reasons, blah blah blah, etc. There must have been a reason for this, and the only thing I can think of is that HoN has terrible, terrible service. They don't care for their customers seeing as they have your money and the EULA prevents any refunds (you're ****ed). The staff also ignores the biggest problems that have been complained about by the general concensus of the community (balancing, minor interface issues, etc), and continue to develop new heroes (Drunken Master.. wtf?) and get hawt latina girls who don't give a rat's ass about the game to promote the product (everyone's probably forgotten about her by now, except Fielding, who's still shaking from their first encounter).

    I have come to the conclusion that all the terrible service and unprofessionalism has rooted from big boss Maliken. Maliken is smart. He's the big mastermind behind S2, which I see as a short term revenue generator, which has succeeded greatly. There's no way that he had League of Legends or the possiblity of DotA 2 escape his mind at the time of forming this project. He knew that HoN was going to be overthrown by LoL and will be overwhelmed even more by DotA 2. The whole monkey see monkey do saying fits perfectly as regards to the staff. Maliken probably has not promoted the slightest bit of great customer service and his employees take after that.

    However, we, along with his staff are being deceived. He has built HoN around him knowing that it will not last as a major game in the industry and has acted accordingly to make as much money as possible during its time. Before HoN dies, he'll **** his entire company staff and it's customers over after selling it to some unknown china company and disappear with a fortune.

    As Raven has discovered, Maliken is a smart guy that couldn't care less about HoN and the gaming community as he owns an adult film company called AdultRevenueService

    (refer to Sup promotion).

    Beta testing was just a free time of surveying to collect information about an RTS gaming community that he could possibly sell to DotA 2, LoL, etc.
    So, in the end, I don't blame any of the staff or designers for giving such a **** experience all this time. Like father, like son. I, for one, am still going to play the game because I find it fun, however, this post was just my thoughts on why S2 doesn't give a **** about its customers.
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    Nice Find

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    Either a troll or a really really stupid person. You do know that S2Games have been around for ages with developing other games like Savage and Savage 2 right?

    Maliken has been the head of the snake for the past 10 years.

    Now look upon yourself with retardation.

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    i dunno, as far as i'm aware the business model that LoL uses makes **** tones more money than HoN's.

    why would maliken go for something sub par if it's all about money?

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    To think I use to find Moon and Daggius funny. Now there just a bunch of retarded cry babies, that want to cause trouble in a already trouble born community.

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    Moon getting withdrawal symptoms because he can't get his drug (HoN). Gets mad at his drug dealer (S2) because some other drug dealer (DDoSer) is taking his drug dealer's shipment. Moon goes to some other drug dealer (LoL) and finds out their drug is weak and it doesn't get him the high he wants, so he gets even madder. Why didn't his drug dealer (S2) have 100 armed guards protecting his shipment? Moon is now going to jail for beating his wife.

    I forget my point...

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    I'm just a little hoarse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonMeander` View Post
    As Raven has discovered, Maliken is a smart guy that couldn't care less about HoN and the gaming community as he owns an adult film company called AdultRevenueService

    (refer to Sup promotion).
    Does it cost gold coins? If it's silver for HoN players Hon will have been a worthy investment! I look forward to working with Maliken and the women of the AdultRevenueService!

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    Eh, before they answer that I am gonna go ahead and lock this thread. I honestly don't think moon cares at this point. This is some clever satire and I personally got a chuckle out of it. DrD can pull some classy **** once in awhile.

    Anyways locking the eventual porn industry for now.

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