Thread: Err , my account been stolen or glich?

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    Behind 7 proxies.
    1.4million user : pass combination with 100 bots would be 2 days tops.

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    happened frequently to several people (me too) within the ddos attacks. got two leaves from it. :<

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    i have variable passwords for each account that needs a password, ranging from 10 characters to infinity

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    Quote Originally Posted by porky View Post
    Hi guys...
    my password is pretty secure (5 digits with 2 numbers and 3 letters)
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA , i think he just told us his password

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    ok hon wont let me change my just times out

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    i'm pretty sure that this is a bug. I have changed my password several times but sometimes this message still pops up.

    And no, nobody plays with my account, im 100% sure.

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