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    Glorify's guide to drafts, bans, and team synergy

    God tier
    heroes are almost always going to be banned, they can single-handedly turn the tide of a battle and overall contribute more than other heroes to their team's victories. If you notice, there are no carries in this class, because quite frankly a carry is all based on his items.
    Behemoth is a powerhouse even before blink, once he gets it he can initiate and melt the other team.
    Tempest can easily farm a blink, as he is one of the hardest heroes to gank in the jungle and the fastest jungler in the game. His ult is the most devastating team fight skill, when used in conjunction with meteor, no other hero can turn a fight around like him.
    Jereziah while lacking his previously powerful aura, now has a splash attack that allows him to easily farm his few core items. All of his skills are useful and the only counters to them are purge. Even with an electrician in the game, he is definitely the highest level tier hero.

    Pro tier heroes are the cream of the crop, these heroes generally won't be banned, though depending on how many bans you actually have it's very likely one or two of them will be taken out. These are very common heroes, having traits and skills that bring them above the rest.
    Madman can solo or lane, having a variety of skills that make him very hard to gank while in addition makes him a very strong ganker. While his lategame isn't very strong, he can definitely carry if the game goes on long enough, he's best used as a pseudo carry along side a hard carry.
    Valkyrie is just like madman, a strong ganker and team fight hero but lacking a good late game carry. She's best used as a pseudo carry as well. This is one of the most used and most popular heroes in the game, as all of her skills are extremely effective and she's a fun hero to play.
    Succubus has one of the best animations in the game, is impossible to rock out of a lane, and has a slew of disables to shut down opposing players which also makes her a very good ganker.
    Magmus has probably the second most devastating ultimate in the game next to tempest, however, it's much harder to pull off. Behemoth has an easier time ulting opponents, and he follows up with a good three seconds of stun.
    Thunderbringer is a solid solo mid, he's hard to gank because of the burst he can throw on you if you dive him, and he does the absolute most damage out of any hero in the game when played properly.
    Pestilence is the best carry in the game, he's extremely durable and moves at max movespeed. His stun is instant and a gigantic aoe, follows up with a potent slow for 2 seconds. His ult increases not only his DPS but team DPS as well, which is why playing him as a hard carry alongside any pseudo carry is very effective.
    Hellbringer is unique in the fact that he has the only ability in the game that lowers magic resistance. On top of that, it's a huge chunk of resistance, it's aoe, and it makes him invulnerable during a duration of a teamfight! His DoT is pretty bad, while it does big damage, it move over 8 ticks. His slow is very powerful as well, one of the best in the game as it cuts out both movespeed and attack speed. His ult is gigantic, stunning and damage enemies, going through magic immunity is icing on the cake.
    Soul Reaper has lost none of the strengths he had from DotA, in fact he's stronger here due to bugs with his first and last skill. Even after these are fixed, he'll be a strong pick due to his ability to sustain pushes, put out massive aoe damage, and take the fight to a 4v5 before it begins with proper initiators.
    Demented Shaman is one of those heroes who recieved massive buffs from being ported over, his slow is much stronger and in addition his heal seems to be far better. Arcane hide is strong as well, a big step up from shallow grave, and his ult is very powerful when used properly. His animation is much better, this makes him a very strong babysitting hero, but at the same time if the hero being babysat has a followup disable it's an extremely strong lane.
    Pharoah was nerfed recently, hellfire dealing less damage, but his bread and butter is missile and ult. Allowing him huge range for ganks, counter ganks, just about anything. With staff of the master it has a 20 second cooldown, meaning it can be used to initiate and catch any opposing players if the team fight goes your way. He is the best tp counter ganker in the game, allowing him to snare opposing teams as they run from a mass TP to towers. His missile allows you to stack creeps for allies, and his cogs are really ****ing annoying to deal with while being impossible to escape from.

    Good tier heroes are still solid picks, they excel over the other heroes in the game due to their unique abilities, but lack what god or pro tier heroes have in terms of being effective.
    Electrician benefited most from the change to bloodstone, he has manashield and an inability to get kills, he now has a potent mana regen item to fuel his mana shield. In addition to being a massive tank, he has one of the best disables in the game and his purge doubles as both defensive and offensive skills.
    Pyromancer puts out a lot of aoe damage, has one of the best aoe disables at level 1 in the game, and his ult allows him to critically damage an opponent who is most threatening to your lineup. He's strong in a lane due to a buffed animation, best used in an offensive lane due to his burst damage.
    Nymphora is one of the strongest support heroes in the game, having kotl's chakra to burst restore mana to herself or allies, the best aoe heal in the game which doubles as a damage skill, and one of the longest and best line stuns. Her ult allows for map control, the only downside to this hero is a lack of damage/animation, and a lack of offense in a lane. This means it's very hard for her to babysit or play in an offensive lane.
    Glacius took a few nerfs, and in my opinion she's not nearly as strong as she once was. She's a terrible babysitter, and as such she cannot stand up to any harass due to lack of movespeed, armor, damage, and animation. Her buffs aren't really warranted for her weaknesses, but still I've included her as a higher tier hero because she's still a decent pick.
    Pollywog Priest has a load of disables, aoe nuke damage, and his wards can be used in many different ways. They can be used to block paths, trap heroes, block escape routes, kill stacked ancients, but most importantly are one of the best turtling skills in the game. Lacks movespeed, damage, and animation or he'd be a top pick.
    Soulstealer is a very strong solo lane, particularly against an opposing mid, and even with lots of ganks it's very hard to stop him from farming due to his ability to nuke a creepwave down until about 35 minutes in where it takes 3 nukes. He has lots and lots of aoe damage, his ult can easily 1 shot enemy players with a disable, and he is a very effective carry. He is however very easy to gank, and easily outlaned by any dual lane.
    Plague Rider is a strong solo mid, but also a strong laner, having a potent slowing nuke and the ability to deny experience to enemies via his mana skill. His armor is extremely effective late game in reducing enemy DPS, and his ult can wreak havoc on teams in bad positioning. He lacks disables other than the slow, which is a slow not really a disable.
    Arachna is a damage output beast, she's extremely hard to lane against due to her incredible animation, projectile speed, and high damage. She cannot survive against a dual lane very well at all, and TPs pretty much counter her early game ult kills. He problem is how fragile she is, having very little health makes it very hard to survive basically through the entire game. She also has no aoe skills, which makes her simply an ult and orb walk hero.
    Torturer took big nerfs in the carry department with the demise of bloodstone and heart being potent regen items, so he can no longer really carry, however he can easily put out a ton of disable and aoe damage alongside a hard or pseudo carry.
    Legionnare is one of the strongest initiators in the game, generally able to quickly take someone out of the mix as it starts, he however feels very off in comparison to his DotA counter-part. In addition, recent nerfs to him have left him far less powerful than he once was.
    Kraken has one of the most influencing ults in the game, able to teleport an opposing hero 3k range away with a snare and armor debuff is game breaking. It's aoe, so it can grab multiple people, and on top of it if you miss you're back in safe hands. He lacks ANY lane ability, basically an 'orb' that pushes your lane but ensures last hits is what you have.
    Hammerstorm is a strong pseudo carry, pumping big damage with aoe stuns, and having both a cleave and an aoe movespeed/armor buff. His problem is lack of a mana pool early on, where as other melee heroes with disables can easily cast twice, sven can barely cast 1.2x.

    Average Tier
    heroes are as stated average. They're good filler if you happen to find yourself needing certain heroes, and they have the ability to be strong solid picks in certain lineups, but generally they're lackluster heroes in comparison to the heroes rated above them, and godly heroes to those rated below them.
    Voodoo Jester has a terrible disable, a poor heal/nuke skill even though it was recently buffed, and cursed ground which can be negated via power supply/immunity/heals. His ult is channeled and does little damage later in the game due to high amounts of armor.
    Maliken got a big nerf when his sword's slow went from solid to scaling, killing most of his ganking ability. Coupled with a very large amount of items needed to carry, he doesn't fit into any role really. His ult does no damage, has a bad disable early on, and his crit skill is extremely lacking.
    Bloodhunter is only viable against a few heroes solo mid, as he is absolute dogshit laning with someone, his only saving grace is the ability to stay in a lane almost indefinitely. He has high armor, damage, and a self heal ability on last hits which can leave enemy heroes frustrated. On top of it, he has a silence, however he gets completely destroyed by any dual lane which is what any good team will throw mid against him.
    Pebbles has a few flaws, mainly being a stun that has one of the longest cooldowns of any non-ult stun in the game. With two passives, he's basically a 1-2 done hero, though he does pack a big punch he gets worse and worse late game. Low armor is really his downfall, making any harass at all very taxing.
    Blacksmith does big damage, but it's all variable, sure he's sure to get multicasts here and there but it's not assured and as such you can never count on it. His slow is mediocre and his steroid bloodlust isn't a skill to write home about. He was nerfed from his DotA counterpart, who chained the stuns rather than dealing them all at once, basically making the stun twice as long as it should be.
    Ophelia is a strong hero, she should be rated much higher, but the current game doesn't really allow for effective micro of more than one unit so she's a big no-no until it's fixed to be more like wc3.
    Swiftblade has very strong lane capability, but beyond that he cuts off and declines mid game and even in late game. His ult feels weaker than it does in DotA, and he's not a very good carry, easily kited around like a fool.
    Andromeda has a strong single target disable, a weak damaging armor reducing skill that gives vision, and the ability to swap opponents. Slightly buffed due to the ability to blink back to your team after a swap, she still has no team fight capabilities which is why she's rated so low. Take Valkyrie for example, a far better hero due to inability to be ganked, aoe nuke, useful ult. They're not all that similar, it's just a point of reference.
    Slither has a decent slow, bad passive, useless wards, moderate ult. The problem is there are better roamers that contribute more to team fights, his ult is a DoT rather than burst damage.
    Zephyr got a strong buff when he shifted from an intelligence to agility hero, however he's easily countered by melee carries with MKB and/or the team getting a diffusal blade. He needs to have tornados up before a fight, which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't expire, but they have a relatively short timer and cannot be taken along with you if you TP/blink/leap.
    Wildsoul is a very very strong hero if used properly in push strats, a good wildsoul can wreck most solos, and in addition most dual lanes with proper supportive heroes. His weakness is a bad carry, his strengths are quite abundant, however he only truly taps into these strengths in push or early game strats which is why he's rarely used.
    Accursed is simply put an annoying hero, but beyond being a minor annoyance he contributes very little to teamfights, his downfall is the shitty passive that basically does absolutely nothing save for beating on stationary targets. His ult is self only, which leads people to simply ignore you and finish you up as your team dies.
    Defiler took the brunt of every nerf to items she could possibly take, all of her core items were turned into ones that are completely useless to her cause. She lacks disables, only having a silence, so she got hit harder than torturer by these changes. She's much easier to focus down, and doesn't get progressively more scary as the game gets later and later as she once did.

    Bad Tier heroes don't fulfill their functions better than other heroes, and I simply cannot suggest you use them at all unless it's for fun.
    Devourer is very easily warded off with good positioning and wards early on for ganks, he's very one and done after he does his combo, and as it's channeling it's easy to interupt. Rot is a decent slow but it hurts himself by quite a bit early on, and to top it off his laning is very poor due to bad starting armor.
    Predator has a bad slow, topped by just about any other slow in the game. His magic immunity isn't very useful, Naix got 80% attack speed, he gets 12 armor(who gives a **** lol). His damage boost feels weaker, but it may just be due to the fact that your slow is far inferior AND you get no attack speed from immunity. His ult is terrible too, in fact it's borderline useless, naix could full heal from 1/50,000, predator can lower your armor by a poor amount and give you average as/ms.
    Nighthound has a poor blink strike, yes you can crit on the extra damage, but it feels very wierd and slow. His cloud feels weaker, and his backstab took the DotA nerf of magic->physical damage, which killed him pretty hard.
    Scout lacks hitpoints, damage, but mainly his fault is his inability to combo. It's impossible to gank by walking up, ulting, invis and striking, and you can't invis to get behind, ult, break for extra attacks. Makes him ****ing worthless.
    Moon Queen was a very strong hero in DotA for the brief time where her ult wasn't based off the level of her moon beams allowing you to go stats/passives, however that has long since passed and she'll be nothing but a pub hero. Fragile, requiring lots of farm, her ult is easily warded off by being spread amongs a steam, pipe, or standing by your creepwave. Her carry is easily outdone by tons of other carries.
    Wretched Hag has no disables save for a bad slow no one really levels due to how it scales. She puts out good aoe, but, other heroes provide far better aoe and are much better in the lane.
    Keeper of the Forest has no armor to babysit, his eyes have no truesight, his ult feels much worse, and his invis isn't as versatile as the DotA counterpart. They gave him a bonus damage skill, basically providing absolutely nothing for him due to the fact he has the highest base damage in the game.

    **** Tier heroes shouldn't really ever be picked, they're worthless and any other tier of hero can be better than them in every aspect.
    Armadon's quills aren't instant, his slow is meh, his passive is 1/9th as effective as the DotA one, and he is a bad hero in DotA. Used to be the most imbalanced hero for a while, got hit with a ton of nerfs which made him basically useless, the latest being a nerf to CM's aura, which turned him into an average hero at best.
    Magebane has no lane ability, no hitpoints to warrant his passive, blink is useless as you can't slow anything to hit it more than twice, and his ult does pathetic damage. Let's go on top of this and say most pubs get vanguard and hood, making him probably the most pubstar **** hero in the game.
    Chronos lacks hitpoints, damage, and team fight ability. He can disable an aoe from the fight, but it also disables his allies, which is bad because there are other heroes that can simply disable the enemy and not your allies.
    Dark Lady doesn't have the mana to support her skills, and even if she did, she lacks hitpoints to stay alive. While she does pretty big damage late game, her ult took nerfs to lower the duration, and counters and playstyles have shifted to make it far less devastating.
    War Beast has to jungle for 45 minutes straight to become powerful, and even then he can be outcarried or focused down with no problem. He's useless in a lane, useless in team fights, and the only thing he's good at is farming and escaping death.
    Puppet Master is the failure of an attempt to be a jack of all trades. His hold is weak, you can move around while in it making aoe stuns harder to lane, and it can also be blinked away from. His show is also very lack luster, it has potential to be devastating, but again this requires retarded positioning. Whiplash is something more suited to a carry hero, it's absolutely pathetic making people go carry puppet, which is something that only succeeds if you've already won the game basically 4v5 OR are playing baddies. His ult is an attempt to add burst damage and originality to the hero, however it only succeeds in creating odd casting patterns to hold them in place long enough for you to beat on them. It's damage is minor for the massive cooldown you have on it, all leading to one cluster**** of a hero that succeeds in doing nothing but failing at every aspect it tries to endeavor in. There are better heroes for disables, burst damage, carrying. On top of it, he has absolutely no cast range, making his useful skills impossible to land due to having to be on their dick to cast it. This puts you out of position, and guess what, he has shitty strength gain so you have no hitpoints to possibly tank anything. His laning is extremely poor due to the fact to increase your base damage you're basically assured to push your lane by last hitting/denying through the aoe damage it does. Finally, I will speak of one and only one lane with this hero that is strong, and that's Jereziah/puppet master. However, as you can see, you'll never get to play jereziah in a good game so good luck.

    Team synergy
    I'm going to explain the importance of team synergy when choosing your lineups, as this is a precursor to everything that you should need to know before even attempting to draft against another team. While you could just go and grab any of the higher tiered heroes and come out with success, you'll find that with some simple tips and understanding you'll be able to win far often before the game even begins. While I ranked heroes based on their usefulness overall, some heroes are far more beneficial depending on what your opponent has, or even what you're able to get. A good example of this is nymphora coupled with madman, allowing for a very intense and strong lane due to the mechanics of their skills combined. Where as I don't rate nymph up in the pro tier, she's an unbelievably good hero when used in this way. While I won't go over all of these odd little quirks, since obviously they all haven't been discovered, nor do I have the patience or time to specifically discuss each combination in detail.

    Basics lineups and explanations
    Pushway attempts to capitalize on constant pressure, not allowing opponent carries to farm and get to where they're effective. This can be done with a variety of heroes, and normally only runs a pseudo carry just in case they get into late game. If it's at this stage, you either have stopped their economy and completely out farm them, or you're pretty much hoping they **** up and get out of position so you can capatilize on their mistake. Generally, you never want to let it get to late game, since a push strat runs early and mid game the best.
    +Heavy pressure build
    +Lower tier teams have trouble handling

    -A few mistakes can cost you games
    -Little to no late game presence
    -Generally weak lanes to fit utility you need into them for pushes later

    Turtleway tends to be the opposite of pushway, turtling is a term that means keeping your towers up as much as possible so that you can farm and maintain map control long enough for your carry or carries to get beefy. This is probably the strongest lineup you can do right now against the average team, it's effective in stopping push way and at dealing with gankway and aoeway. However, each lineup stated has specific things you cannot let happen or you risk losing a game. Turtleway generally runs very strong lanes, as it requires all of it's lanes doing well to function, since once a lane fails it's pretty much over. This is true for most lineups, but more specifically on this one, as you need to have decent map control to properly run this.
    +Strong lanes
    +Strong lategame
    +Can make quite a few mistakes, generally

    -A single lane collapse compromises integrity
    -When played against other turtle lineups, it's generally whoever has the more imbalanced heroes

    AoEway is just what it sounds like, packing as much aoe into your lineup as possible to nuke the enemies in team fights. This lineup can have both strong and weak lanes, but generally runs a very offensive structure packed with late game wtfjusthappened types of heroes. Fortunately, you can ban most of the heroes that make this lineup devastating, and as such you really shouldn't run into this often. It also felt a lot of nerfs with the 6.60 items being introduced, more notably pipe of khadgar which rains a parade of **** on this. Good players can position themselves properly, not get antsy, and outplay these types of lineups which is why they're not very effective. Too much of one thing is never good.
    +Dangerous teamfight capabilities
    +Extremely hard to push

    -Opponents can simply position to counter
    -Opponents can item to counter

    Gankway basically runs very aggressive lanes and lots of ganks to prevent opposing teams from farming or even getting in experience range. This strategy can range from very effective to a joke depending on the opponents' map control, but also your own map and countermap control. It completely neglects any late game presence and attempts to end the game as quickly as possible, using a pseudo carry like potm or madman. The lineup generally runs a roaming ganker who pulls here and then, but doesn't even attempt to lane at all and ganks non-stop. Common heroes that fulfill this role are earthshaker and venomancer, aoe bombs that midgame can wipe teams but earlygame is a ***** when roaming. You can lose the game off of a single mistake when running this, so it's high advised not to run it(don't worry, it's not very good anymore with 6.60 changes, that however doesn't mean you don't gank.)
    +Very frustrating to deal with
    +Very effective against lower tier teams
    -Countered by map control
    -A mistake or two can cost you the game

    Importance and examples of strong lanes
    I'm going to discuss a few things that you should reflect upon before deciding who to lane.
    -Stuns that are hard to land(pyro, valkyrie, torturer) should be coupled with targeted stuns or strong slows(hammerstorm, magmus, slither).
    -Never lane 2 melees together
    -Melee carries should be babysat, but you shouldn't compromise lane strength to do so(Pest and nymph would be a bad lane, yes pest has a decent babysitter but you have no offense. Where as demented/pest has extreme amounts of offense and defense).
    -Carries shouldn't be babysat by heroes like glacius who lack damage and animation(an exception is swiftblade, but he's not being babysat, rather this is a very offensive lane)
    -One hero should be farming while the other last hits and denies
    -Aggressive and offensive lanes are best(Nymph jereziah is a bad lane, play to win, not to heal yourself up)
    Offensive lanes run a lot of burst damage, generally using it's offensive capabilities as it's defense. It's generally is used to shut down opposing babysit lanes, but really can be placed just about anywhere. This lane does not run off the mistakes of others, it creates it's own opportunities with the final goal being to push opponents out of experience range and well out of farming capabilities.

    Defensive lanes
    are the opposite of offensive lanes, they generally tend to be where carries are babysat, but more importantly must remain strong and viable lanes. While they normally can't create opportunities for kills on their own, they do capitalize on the mistakes of others.
    Demented Shaman+Pest

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