Thread: LAN - i43 26th-29th Aug 2011 [UK]

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    LAN - i43 26th-29th Aug 2011 [UK]

    3000 Player lan in Telford, England. Run by 3 times a year.

    This upcoming event is going to be the biggest lan the UK has ever seen. Having run HON tournaments at i39 and i40 with £5000+ in prizes they are debating running one at this event.

    Please UK and EU Hon players show your support for the competitive community and Lan comps in general and post your interest here
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    Im attending!

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    hopefully they do it

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    bump! if you already have a ticket, we are trying to get the hon players to sit close to the red rows!

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    Attending also + seated in Red Row.

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    Hello, could all the hon players PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sit at the bottom half of hall 1 with all the red rows, Thanks.

    ( also support the thread on the multiplay forums ) link in OP ^

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    Support also msg in forum a while back : )
    I'm going to pick up the pieces and build a lego house.

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    attending, probably can't sit near you guys as im part of Team Infused (not the hon squad).. looking to make a team, 1700+, go check recruitment forum if interested .

    please UK, show up in force, fed up with this LoL bullshit, HoN is superior, lets get good signup numbers! .

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    Hon tourney has been confirmed with £3500 prizepool, SdS, infs and MSI are attending so far, along with smaller uk teams.

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    Shame i'm too **** to play with you guys, didn't realise there was such a large UK player base. Just moved to the dota rts after playing CoD pro since its birth.

    I will be there though, with the CoD lot. Good luck to all taking part.

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    Would attend if i wasn't located in Sweden
    Micro them creeps hard

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    Will probably attend regardless, but LF team with free slot

    Pm me here or ingame for couple trial games or w/e, usually play support/gankers.

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