Thread: Detailed info on Nvidia GeForce GT 540M crash

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    Detailed info on Nvidia GeForce GT 540M crash

    I've tried the options posted in this Sticky from BASH, however it is not working for me! Hence I hereby provide detailed knowledge about my crash using multiple GPU's.

    My rig is:
    Medion AKOYA P7618
    Chip - I5 with integrated Intel HD Graphics (which enables me to play HoN )
    GeForce GT 540M - driver 270.51, with modded inf (thx laptopvideo2go) since beta from Nvidia wont install
    4 GB DDR3 RAM
    Win x64 Home premium

    Crash report
    DxDiag 64bit version

    Furthermore, regarding this issue, I have posted on official Nvidia forum and will reply here again if I get any feedback. Meanwhile, I hope some late-night-working S2 employee will fix this

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    Still no news. However, I do believe the sticky posted by BASH should either be updated or removed as sticky. Has anyone confirmed the official beta drivers from Nvidia is actually solving the issue of concern?

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    It seems like it depends on the notebook.

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    Perhaps you're right, BASH. However, I cant see how notebook manufacture can affect driver issues on an "external" Nvidia gfx card. Nevertheless I hope the sticky helps some people

    On a side note, I've done some digging in the console.log. My C# experience is rather limited, but I'm quite sure this is texture related. First error encountered seems to be when the FileManager calls a getFile() on:
    ^gTexture^* '/ui/info/combobox_hmin_up.tga' - terminates with an "invalid file type".
    Almost all of the errors are similar to this one.

    Ofc, only S2 developers can debug this (and I'm sure they already have). I just strikes me to see "invalid file type" errors...

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    The issue lies within these lines:
    40 Found 1 video adapters
    41 [0] - Intel(R) HD Graphics
    42 Name: \\.\DISPLAY1
    43 Driver: nvumdshim.dll
    44 Version:

    The driver/system is reporting your onboard Intel card is in use with the nVidia driver. I am not fully aware of what exactly is the reason for this to happen, but I've read about some issues with VRAM management that might be causing this.

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    There we go!

    New release of 270.61 with official WHQL from Nvidia. The driver tells to support 540M, but again original driver downloaded didn't allow for normal installation.

    However, here is a link to a personal modded inf to support for Geforce GT 540M in "normal" installation (click setup.exe way).


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    Good to hear and thanks for the update!

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