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    Sexual Predator Predator Alt Skin

    We've all heard Predators panting as he chases after Ophelia let's make that horrible dream a reality obviously the alt skin would have to have the same traits as an average everyday Sexual Predator.

    Take inspiration from this image

    Auto Attack-Pelvic Thrust

    Venomous Leap-??????

    Stone Hide-He oils himself up so the magic just slips off him!


    Terror-"Drop your Pants!" Enemys run in fear, the act of dropping thier pants reduces armour each attack by the Sexual Predator give him the "Horny" Buff increasing speed.
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    Omg great idea!!!111

    EDIT: You could bundle it with this
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    as i previously stated on pedo bear pred., he has quite the rape tackle

    Made by the one and only, Avunaos.

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    This is golden.

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    Rape tackle I like it...

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