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    Creating A Music Mod On Windows 7

    Creating A Music Mod

    Things You Need
    1. Change Your (Hide Extensions For Known File Types) Option
    2. Audio Software To Compress Your Mp3's
    3. 7zip

    The 1st Thing You Need To Do:

    Change Your (Hide Extensions For Known File Types) Option
    This Can Be Done By 1st Opening The Libraries Folder And Pressing Alt To Show Menu Bar

    Clicking Folder Options And Choosing The View Tab From Selection

    Once This Is Done Remove Tick From The (Hide Extensions For Known File Types) Option

    Apply And Exit

    Now Getting The Music

    You Need To Goto (X = Local Drive)
    (For Win7 64bit) Goto X:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game
    (For 32bit) X:\Program Files\Heroes of Newerth\game
    It Should Look Like This

    Now Right Click On resources0.s2z Hover The 7zip Option Then Click Extract Files
    You Will Then See This Window

    Please Change Extract To Path To Desktop Or MyDocs
    Once The File Has Extracted All Files Goto The Folder You Extracted It To
    There Will Be A Folder Called Music
    Copy This Folder And Paste it To Your Desktop

    Ok So Now What!

    Open And Drag Music Window To Mid Left Of Screen Untill It Snaps Into Place
    Then Open The Folder With The Music You Want To Change It To And Snap To Right Like This

    Now Start Changing The Names Of The Songs You Want To Replace On The Right With The Names Of The Original Files On the Left
    When You Have Changed All The Files On The Right With Corresponding Names On The Left
    Copy And Paste All Files Over The Folder On The Left
    When You Get This Question

    Simple Tick The Box That Says (Do This For The Next 13 Conflicts)
    Then Choose Top Option Copy & Replace

    So What's With compressing The MP3's

    Well The 1st Thing I Do Is Open Adobe Audition But Any Mp3 Converting Software Should Do
    Simply Convert The Files To 192 kbps Stereo 44100 hz

    So How Do I Make It All a .s2z

    This Is The Easy Part Right Click On the Folder Music Then Hover 7zip And Click Add to Archive You Should Get This Window

    Match These Settings And Click Ok
    After The .zip File Is Created Right Click On It And Click Rename
    Then Change The .zip Part Of Title To .s2z
    It Will Prompt You Just Say Yes
    Now Copy The resourcesTEST.s2z To Your Game Folder Where You Got The Music From The The resources0.s2z File
    Start Game And Enjoy Your New Custom Soundtrack!!!

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    It tried it the first time and it worked, but the next time i changed it didn't work like no sound maybe the changing name part make the musics file corrupt. Any solution ?

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    does not work.
    Quote Originally Posted by TreeHorse View Post
    Teenage years are a time of raging emotional instability and hormone imbalances... it's really a bad time for younger kids to be unsupervised gaming/browsing all day and involved with similarly angry/imbalanced people with the "anonymous lack of conscience" that most internet users have.

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    ....wait, are you implying there are people in this world that DONT know how to copy and paste?

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    I wanna change Moon Queens voice, how do I do?

    Ive tried many things to get it work but it WONT work!

    Ive made my voice files to .ogg and renamed them exactly like all the files in mq folder but they wont apply when i start the game, mq has no voice!


    // Regards Wallsays

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    i tried like this did not work ,but i did not use the audio compression so i am not sure whether this will work or not....

    does the files (songs) which i am using have to have similar time and file sizes as those which i am replacing

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