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    Fix Unknown Publisher in Windows 7

    Everytime I start HoN I get "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer?"

    I don't get this with any other games, so I'm confused to why this can't be fixed. When I posted this in bugs an admin told me to post it here in suggestions.

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    annoying yes. loggin as admin fixes

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    ^ What he said. Gotta do it in administrator
    No images? I am dissapoint (︶︿︶)

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    What about people who aren't administrator? or people like me who feel administrator privileges should be reserved for things that are actually administrator or else it undermines the whole permissions setup in windows... its like a program in linux randomly requiring root access to run when it doesn't do anything that root should be required for.

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    Logging in as administrator doesn't fix it that is a lie. ALso S2 has a certificate if you go the your HoN folder you will see it there, it is named "ca-bundle", the problem with the certificate is that it expired January 7th 2010.

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    If the developers would have known what they are doing, they would have time stamped their manifest signature. That way the signature would still be valid as of today even though the certificate is expired.

    Every time I start hon this pisses me off. Why the hell would I require to give hon.exe administrator's privileges. That's a development flaw and is totally unacceptable.

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