I'm uploading a side project of mine that I was working on for awhile. It was originally created as a hero maker however I sidelined that part of it when the sdk was delayed so long.

So for now (and unless I get feedback wanting more) it lets you load up heroes and parses their xml file and lets you level and change stats and see their progressions. The item/inventory section is not finalized so you can play with it but it won't do much more then list and give icons for them all.

Probably the more useful features of it are the related files tab and the tools menu. In the tools menu you can have it compare between two different .s2z files and list every file that has been changed between versions. It also has a spreadsheet tab that will parse all of the .entity file types in the .s2z by group and display a chart of all of their values.

The related files tab lists every file that has some sort of relation to the currently selected hero and lets you view them (images and sounds are included, models are the exception).

I don't see myself finishing it for personal reasons because I have none, if anyone finds it useful enough to require additional work then let me know and I'll spend some more time on it.