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    Deadwood Alt Avatar

    Thinking about an alt. avatar for
    this came into my mind:

    Imagine a big guy with an chainsaw, maybe the guy of Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

    Skill Animations:

    1.Rotten Grasp

    For Rotten Grasp i got no real idea but maybe some of you can help me out here.

    2. Uproot:
    The Hero uses his Chainsaw to cut an tree and swaps his chainsaw for like this:


    he just gains an glow effect or and can throw the chainsaw around for the slow effect, what would looks pretty awesome.

    3. Clearcutting:

    The Hero starts the engine of the chainsaw and cuts every tree in his path.
    A nice chainsaw sound would make the animation even better.


    The Hero uses the chainsaw to attack the enemy hero.
    The slow could be reworked to an injured leg or

    I was also remembered on Serious Sam Game:

    It could sound like that

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    Love that idea

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