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    Morph abilities

    So I just read a dota tip at which said that skills like medusa's splitshot (FA's multishot) etc. are morphing spells in dota.
    It means that you can, with correct timing, avoid single target spells by toggling such skills off and on.
    My understanding is that atleast Wildsouls ulti disjoints spells,
    but I've never heard of someone dodging spells with FA's multishot.
    So the question is, does this mechanic exist in hon, and if so what heroes can do this?

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    Nope, this is a mechanic restricted to WC3 engine.

    Wildsoul's ultimate is the only one that somewhat mirrors it, and it actually 100% disjoints rather than doing some weird stun dodge mechanic.

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    So can i dogde a Pyro ulti with good timing. (Wildsoul)
    Sup casual?
    Highest APM recorded?

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    But for example Andros Comet? We all have to squeeze the answers from you

    Also, can you give me the exact cast backswing ( or whats its called, atleast the time it takes b4 you can cancel the animation ) on ws ult? Tried to search, didnt really find anything

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