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    Stealin them creeps

    So this pretty garl i thinks she called comes strolling out the jungle to **** with me. Me being a huge baws () I have my :WhisperingHelm: ready to steal that sexy catman she has with her but my insecurities whisper to me that it might not work

    please me help me, the chrono bubble wont last much longer


    Now with ducks!

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    Whispering has targetsheme="enemy_nonboss_npc_units". That targetscheme has following rules:

    <targetscheme name="enemy_nonboss_npc_units" allow="unit" restrict="ally,building,dead,corpse,tree,chest,hero,Boss,player_controlled" />

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    In simpler words he means no you won't be able to take control of another players controlled units.

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