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    MMR brackets broken down.

    I think I've played a fair enough HoN to judge these brackets or watched enough pro games.

    I've recently hit 172x MMR. For some reason it feels easier to win games. Solo all the way.

    I do believe that your true skill will bring u to your Psr/mmr bracket eventually but the journey is ROUGH.

    To start: I'm good enough not to drop below 1500 due to dota exp.

    1500-1550 : this is prob the sickest n weirdest bracket. Mixed with new players n stat reset ppl. I was stuck here for a long time. Nobody talks n very selfish. No wards or courier.

    1550-1650-60% of these guys lucked thier way up here or carried by friends. If you thought 1500"s were full of bads. You haven't seen anything. I've ran into people that couldn't play dsham/glacious. Never played support ever. Rage was an every game thing. Couier very little wards.

    1650-1700- you'll run into a lot of teams. pub stomps. People that feel off the high tier, junstin TV streamers etc, but overall a good experience so far. Rage was crazy due to people making 1 slight mistake can turn into a argue contest.

    1800- if your playing with at least a 4 lock. Your not winning.

    Thoughts? What do you think about ur MMR bracket?

    I'm a casual gamer. Hence don't point out I'm a scrub etc. my tsr is decent.

    bracket modes

    AP- full of tryhards, depending on bracket I seen 300 games on swift 100%
    AR- fun but 75% is luck of the draw
    SD - my favorite mode. I've seen bad choices but if good players can coordinate a good team of the cards delt, reward is great.
    BP- just like AP without dev-doc-tb
    BD-this mode will prob bring much rage n people that are good with 2 ppl out of the whole draft pool.

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    Mhh I just dropped from 1800, I don't get why people regard my bracked (1750-1800) as some level of high skill. I play solo a lot and run into people that make the most stupid mistakes.

    Stats don't mean much, and I'm decent, at best.
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    MMR brackets broken down.

    I just played a MMR game ran into a team with all 2.0 KDR. Guy raged really hard . I won mid with MQ. My team were .8 kdr below...somehow our team work dominated the game.

    If you watch the reply youll get lots of lulz.
    The guy said I can't believe I'm losing to you baddies, I thought I was decent...

    Stats don't mean much, but if u have low kdr. I think u should have 2.5+ wards or high kdr/high ck, etc

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    • No Team Coordination
    • Courier/Wards: 15% possibility
    • 3 Carries, 1 Semi, and a support who plays carry
    • "No more agi, Tanks plz"
    • Choose Wis---SCOUT--ely


    • My tier
    • Some team coordination
    • 2 Carries, 2 Support, 1 Initiator
    • Walking Courier
    • Chance at starting wards: 90%
    • Chance at continuous Wards: 30%
    • Counter Wards: 10%
    • Blue is either the carry, or dev
    • Mistakes happen, people don't understand juke spots, or positioning

    • My old pub tier
    • Team Coordinated mostly
    • 2 Carries, 2 Support, 1 Initiator
    • Flying Courier: 90%
    • Chance at starting wards: 100%
    • Chance at continuous Wards: 85%
    • Counter Wards: 50%
    • People trust your to play your role
    • Mistakes happen, Juking is huge, everyone has a TP

    • It's either a very good game
    • A very bad game
    • A bunch of Tryhards
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    MMR brackets broken down.

    Well thought avamore

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    i think 1500-1800 are almost the same, while its true that as the number increases you see more wards, more courier, better supports, farmers, etc.. but the difference between the two extremes is not that huge that you could divide it into smaller parts

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    Are u crazy? 1500-1700 is like the easiest **** to pub through, if u are good that is.

    Bought my subaccount and went on a 19 game winningstreak, easiest ****ing **** ever in my life.

    Either u are bad, or u are bad.
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    1600 MMR is total randomness from rookie to total braindead trash. It took me ages to climb out of that swap of tards...
    The key here is personal skill as a pubstomp solo mid can easily take over a game against the confused baddies. Took me a while to figure that out.

    1700+ (whole team) you can rely on people to do their job most of the time, but you also run into wannabes who solo-mid'd their way to the 1700s with 0.1 wards/game, think they are gods gift to HoN and who will go mid as brown/oj only to lose it.
    From 1700 on the key is teamwork. Single competent players won't have much impact unless they know how to function with their team.

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    To begin with the search can take 5-30 minutes depending on how many you stack with and which modes you choose.
    If you allow sd/ap you will have a good game with little rage and most of the supports know their role.
    However, if you choose BP you are probably stacking and most of the time your opponents are mannered and of good skill.
    BD is where you may see some rage/flame if you search solo

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    MMR brackets broken down.

    If you play AP. Mid only...
    I play SD BD AR, I dont like seeing people with 40% valk or flint.

    AP are full of people who play 4 heros at most

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    I rose in rank fairly quickly when mm launched. Stalled around 1700.. increased slowly to my current position (1775-1800) where I've been sitting for quite some time.

    I win roughly 50% of my games. Sometimes I stomp, sometimes i feed. If you met med in one of those feed games, you'd say that some people around 1800 got carried or bought their accounts. If you met me in one of my more successful games... .. . You get the picture.

    I feel like I belong in "my" bracket. Most of the players around 1800 prefer carries, semi-carries and gankers, which suits me just fine.

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    teamworking with 1700s is like trying to have an argument with an apple, it doesnt work.
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    MSI|Fresh: So we can have some watchable Grandfinals


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    I'm in 1700+ and I see many people playing around 1500-1600 that are far better players than a lot of the players I get matched with in my bracket. Really, MMR is not the greatest indicator of skill as most already know. The stats breakdown on the stats sheet is a far better indicator; MMR is not a good summary of a person's skill IMO since it is solely based on winning or losing and doesn't take into account anything else; this would be a great overall barometer of skill if this game was about 1v1s but since most games played are 5v5, wins/losses can easily be attributed to failure on your team's part which has nothing to do with an individual's skill.

    Also I only play SD and AR so I don't know if that has anything to do with the kinds of players I am matched with...
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    I don't care about any of you telling me what the brackets are like.

    What i do want : S2 - give us a visual breakdown of % of people at X-X MMR breakdown please for curiosity's sake. - does it bellcurve at 1500?

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    I meet bad attitude at all levels, and I try different brackets every now and then, though I usually play 1750+ NM with friends.

    I won't describe all the brackets, but I think generally there are a few stereotypes, some people combine several in different games:

    1. There's the Troll. This guy will KS with purpose. He will sabotage your game if he feels like it. Sometimes he will just talk to you and try to provoke a response, in different ways.
    2. The Rager. This guy will rage at small mistakes, or if things don't go his way. If he's losing his lane, it's usually mid's fault for not ganking during the first 10 minutes of the game.
    3. The Supporter. This guy will support silently and doesn't rage much. (Of course the rager or the troll can play support heroes... but then they aren't part of this stereotype.)
    4. The Tryhard. This guy does his all to play perfect games, or at least thinks he does. Often whines when someone else don't play as well as him (according to his perspective). Usually plays the same way with whatever hero he plays, same old effective build as always.

    There are probably more, can't think of any atm

    One thing a lot of them have in common is that they usually think they're below where they should be in MMR.

    Stats don't mean much, but if u have low kdr. I think u should have 2.5+ wards or high kdr/high ck, etc
    I really disagree about K/D. It's really an irrelevant stat by itself. Sure you can make some idea of a player if you take all of his stats into consideration, but in the end all that matters is MMR (The rate at which you are able to win games).

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    I've been 1700 for a bit and I've been 1500 hundred for a bit but since I play with my friends (Mainly 1300's) its hard to get past that. My MMR will rise when I play alone in matchmaking but when I play with friends it dips.

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    1200-1400 Decent players who just lack in understanding in one or two aspects of the game. Most common mistake i saw at that lvl was players who think kills really matter in comparison to towers. Thus going for a final kill instead of pushing down a tower or two. Or not understanding the importance of wards. Usually a well rounded team

    1500-1600- 4 agi carry team then me the support.
    Not understanding a single mechanic of the game
    Entire team chases one kill into the fountain.
    Who can steal the most kills is the winnar
    Geno then forest farm.
    tri-lane mid. leaving behe and glacius (with me items from courier and ward whoring)
    and every single other stupid thing that can be done.

    1600-1700 ^ see above with less slightly less stupidity

    1700+ ???

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