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    Many have speculated as to what great, damned warrior now lives in torment within the burning armor that marches alongside the Hellbourne army. The Accursed, as he is known, screams in agony as he bring fiery devastation to his foes, but his actions seem driven more by a desire to find oblivion than by malice.


    • Introduction


    • Skill Overview
    • Ability Build / Reasoning
    • Skill Use / Skill Combinations


    • Starting Items
    • Core Items
    • Late Game Items
    • Items to Avoid!


    • Laning
    • Tower Diving Kills
    • Team Fights



    Accursed, is a very strong laning and tanking hero. Not only does he make it difficult for the opponents to kill him but he also uses his skills to make it difficult for the enemy to kill his teammates aswell.

    Accursed is my favourite hero as he can be played in two few different ways. A Supportive tank or a Tank that deals a lot of damage.

    Accursed is a port from DotA, known as Abaddon, Lord of Avernus


    Pros and Cons!

    - Great Support with heals and damage absorbs to keep enemies topped up and therefore keeping your team in battles for longer periods of time.
    - Easy to harrass enemies in your lane.
    - Fire Shield removes most debuffs.
    - Abilities work together as combinations and synergy's.
    - A short cooldown ultimate that will have enemies fearing your presence.
    - Large health pool
    - Passive auto attack slow to stop enemies from escaping.

    - A smart team will generally not attack you during your ultimate. So you require lots of practice at timing your ultimate for the predicted spells and abilities on you.
    - Very reliant on a good bunch of allies that won't run out of battle when you have Fire Shield on them and are Cauterize'ing them.
    - Takes time and practice to get your Skill combinations and tower diving kills (see guide) perfected.


    Skill Overview:

    Cauterize - [Q]

    At the cost of some of his own Health, Accursed bursts the air around a target, dealing damage to them if they are an enemy or healing them if they are an ally.

    Deals 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 Magic damage to enemy units or heals allied units for 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 Health. Deals 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 Magic damage to self.

    Mana Cost: 75.
    Cooldown: 6.0 Seconds

    Alright Cauterize is your healing / damaging ability that really defines who you are by using it. You can either as stated above use it to deal bursts of damage to enemies to your enemies or heal the allies on your team that are being focused, This should always be used every 6 seconds as long as you have the life to spare for its activation.

    *Below is an image of the Range of Cauterize.

    Fire Shield - [W]

    Accursed covers a friendly unit in a shield of flames protecting them from damage and removing harmful effects. If the shield is damaged to its breaking point, it will explode, dealing Magical damage to nearby enemies equal to that of the damage absorbed.

    Removes most debuffs, then applies Fire Shield to target for 15 seconds.

    Fire Shield Effects
    110 / 140 / 170 / 200 damage shield. Once full amount is absorbed, damages enemies in 700 radius for 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 Magic damage.

    Mana Cost:
    100 / 105 / 110 / 115
    Cooldown:18.0 / 15.0 / 12.0 / 9.0 Seconds

    This is the bread and butter of Accursed. Chuck this on your main initiator or caster that requires the most use out of this absorb shield. In a team fight your initiator will be taking the most damage so you want this fire shield on him as very quickly it's going to explode and hit up to 5 people for a combined total of 1000 damage every 9 seconds at Level 4.

    *Below is an image of the Radius of Fire Shield.

    Sear - [E]

    Causes Accursed's attacks to sear his target, slowing their movement speed. Any ally that attacks the affected unit will be buffed with increased increased attack speed and movement speed.

    On Attack
    Applies Sear to enemy target for 2 seconds.

    Sear Effects
    5 / 10 / 15 / 20% Movement Slow
    When attacked, applies Burning Strikes to attacker for 4.5 seconds.

    Burning Strikes Effects
    10 / 20 / 30 / 40 Attack Speed
    10% Movement Speed

    Mana Cost: 0, Passive.
    Cooldown: None.

    Sear is great for slowing down those escaping enemies. Use your phase boots to catch up and then auto-attack them to allow your allies to catch up to them and kill. In team fights if applied to the enemies initiatior (Auto-attack the enemy) your allies that also attack him will gain the respective attack speed buff which really helps with heroes such as Arachna, Soulstealer, Madman and other Agility carry heroes.

    Flame Consumption (Ultimate) - [R]

    Accursed summons a powerful fire tornado around himself which, when fueled with damage, causes him to regain his life. When not in cooldown, this ability automatically activates when The Accursed drops below 400 Health.

    Removes debuffs and applies Protective Flames to self for 3 / 4 / 5 seconds.

    Protective Flames Effects
    100% of damage taken converted to Health

    Mana Cost:0
    Cooldown: 60.0 Seconds

    This ability is such a life saver in SO MANY situations. This ability only lasts for 3/4/5 seconds so it is important to time the execution of your ultimate to the time which you will be taking the most damage. A good time to use your ultimate on Accursed would be against a nuker such as Pyromancer, as soon as he has used his AoE stun on you and then Dragon Flame the only thing left to do is for him to ulti, so a situation like that is a prime time to use it, although this may only work in nooby'er games as a team will normally wait for your ulti to expire before casting any big nukes on you. Remember that due to recent changes this ultimate no longer activates automatically when below 400 health, you must activate it yourself.

    In higher games I normally use this ulti when im below 50% health and am anticipating a few strikes from a few opponents. Higher PSR people won't normally use their ultis on you until you have use your ulti but they will still get you low using their '[Q]' '[W]' and '[E]' abilities, which is probably the best time to use your ultimate.

    *Below is an image of Accursed with Flame Consumption activated.


    Ability Build / Reasoning:

    Level 1. Fire Shield
    Level 2. Sear
    Level 3. Cauterize
    Level 4. Cauterize
    Level 5. Cauterize
    Level 6. Flame Consumption
    Level 7. Cauterize
    Level 8. Fire Shield
    Level 9. Fire Shield
    Level 10. Fire Shield
    Level 11. Flame Consumption
    Level 12. Sear
    Level 13. Sear
    Level 14. Sear
    Level 15. Stats
    Level 16. Flame Consumption

    This is a skill build suggested to me by a few posters in this thread + others that have PM'd me. This build provides a 10% movement buff that can be taken advantage of through Sear aswell as an opportunity to use Cauterize > Fire Shield if that is the playing style of which you prefer. Although if you prefer using Fire Shield from a distance over Cauterize from a 300 range then I suggest you ignore this build and use the one located below.

    My Skill Build:

    1 - Fire Shield
    2 - Cauterize
    3 - Fire Shield
    4 - Cauterize
    5 - Fire Shield
    6 - Flame Consumption
    7 - Fire Shield
    8 - Cauterize
    9 - Cauterize
    10 - Sear
    11 - Flame Consumption
    12 - Sear
    13 - Sear
    14 - Sear

    15 - Stats
    16 - Flame Consumption

    You will see quite a few Accursed's go for Sear early on in their builds, this I believe is stupid as early game all you are doing is last hitting creeps (or should be doing!). Sear works in a manner that your first auto attack on the creep applies the Sear attack buff, any following auto attacks made to that same opponent will then provide you with your auto attack speed buff, which is why it is not so necessary for you to get this early on as you shouldn't be getting that many auto attacks in on creeps.

    Fire Shield and cauterize need to be levelled as soon as possible as these are your main skills you are using every cooldown possible to keep your team alive. Not only this but Fire Shield is a magnificant harassing technique to lane with, which will be explained later on in the guide. Cauterize is also useful when your enemies start getting low and you can combo your Fire Shield's and Cauterize's together to do some serious damage, which is also explained later.


    Skill Use / Skill Combinations:

    The way Accursed uses his abilities together and one after the other to benefit is what makes me so happy during the day time. The way in which he is designed was so well done by S2.

    Skill Use - Cauterize:
    As Cauterize is a heal and a nuke it is important to look out for your teamates health and your own before you cast it on anyone. If a teammate's health is beginning to drop use it on them but remember it deals half the heal in damage to yourself so make sure you have enough HP to use it!

    Skill Use - Fire Shield:

    Many people ask me who they are supposed to cast Fire Shield on in team battles. Well, in team battles, if you have the chance, it should be put on your initiator of the team fight.! Whether it be yourself or somebody else. Another use of the Fire Shield is that it removes an array of debuffs from your allies. This can be useful for things like Succubus' Mesmerize or Blood Hunter's Ultimate, Fire Shield when used to remove debuff's is such a useful ability to have in so many situations.

    Skill Use - Flame Consumption:

    As mentioned in the skill overview this ability needs to be used when you suspect a nuke to yourself from the enemy so that you can top up and refresh your health pool. This ulti also has a relatively short cooldown so in many situations of small ganks i have been able to survive the iniation and heal back to full health using ulti and then run out and have the ultimate up again for the next time they try to kill me.

    Skill Combination - Cauterize + Fire Shield:

    This combination is both useful in laneing and in team fight situations. If you place fire shield on yourself when you are trying to push a lane, make sure you are the first to reach the wave so the creeps are focusing you. You will notice that by the time these die you will most likely still have the Fire Shield on you, especially if you have another hero with you. This is why this combination is so great. Once you have your Fire Shield on you, and are soaking the creeps damage, use your Cauterize ability to deal half the damage back to you which at max level is half the amount of damage needed to break your Fire Shield which will then explode from this and creep damage and will cause a lot of damage to the enemies creeps, getting you a few last hits on the way and it will increase your gold income and the efficiency of which you are pushing the lane.

    Sikll Combination - Cauterize + Flame Consumption:
    Your Ultimate Flame Consumption heals you for 100% of damage taken to you while this effect is active, which includes the 'backlash' of your Cauterize ability. So when your low and your Ultimate is active and your Cauterize is off cooldown, USE IT, damage the enemy with a nuke and heal yourself at the same time, brilliant right?!



    Starting Items:

    Ring of the Teacher (500), Runes of Blight (90).
    Total: 590g

    While playing Accursed early game you will using Fire Shield quite often to harrass the enemy, and as a tank you shouldn't be going back to base too often so a constant mana replinishing item such as ring of the teacher is important to have.

    With the very little gold you have left after buying your ring I suggest getting Runes of Blight or a Health Potion if you like just to keep your health topped up after an enemy nuke.

    Core Items:

    Fortified Bracelet x 2 (

    As a strength hero it is important to have 2 Fortified Bracelets on you to increase your mana and most of all your strength which in turn increase health and damage.

    Enhanced Marchers (

    Enhance marchers are great for Accursed as they can be used for chasing down the survivng opponents that used blink daggers or speed increasing abilities to get away. Use your Enhanced Marchers to catch up to them and then auto-attack them to decrease their movement speed using your Sear ability to allow your allies to catch up and use their stuns / nukes to finish that opponent off.

    Homecoming Stone (
    135) each.

    Homecoming stones are so important to any heroes inventory, unless you have Post Haste as this has inbuilt teleport functions. No 'buts' no questions, GET IT. I also normally carry 2 if i have the money when i leave base just incase im in a lane and need to teleport to another lane for a gank and then i can just teleport out afterwards.


    Late Game Items:

    As mentioned earlier, there are two (2) ways to play Accursed, Supportive tank or as a tank that deals mass damage. Both are viable but each path is chosen depending on team / player preferences. Regardless of your path i would suggest the following items for you late game build, although i would skip getting Astrolabe if you are more focused on the damage side of things.

    Ring of Sorcery (1700) - Nome's Wisdom (2500)

    Decision time. Choose between either Ring of Sorcery or Nome's Wisdom, I myself have been a fan of Nome's Wisdom lately as it gives great mana regen, attack speed, damage and intelligence. I strongly, strongly reccomend one or the other and take Nome's Wisdom hands down if you have cast spammers like Thunderbringer, Pyro, Pebbles etc as they will get a lot of health back.

    Astrolabe (optional) (

    As a support role and a tank it means you will be up in the heat of the fight which puts you in great positions to use the Astrolabe on allies in trouble. Not only does this item heal but it gives a passive +3 health regen aura to allies which is also useful. This item is optional.

    Barrier Idol (3653)

    As a support role it will be your job to supply your team with not only mana and health but magic absorbsion as well! Get this before astrolabe if they have a lot of magic damage.
    Do not get this item if there is a lack of magic users, other items can be more useful.

    Abyssal Skull (

    At this point in time you may need to sell your Fortified Bracelets off 1 by 1 to make room for your new items including the Abyssal Skull. This item its self is a great support especially if you have a melee heavy team. Not only this but i believe Accursed should really have some lifesteal on him as he begins to hit really hard lategame with all the following items he gets and with his Sear buff improving his attack speed significantly. So at the same time of getting some lifesteal, lets support some more and grab that, plus team bonuses, yay!

    Behemoth's Heart (

    This item gives you around an extra 1000 max health with a lot of regen also! This will just increase your survivability in team fights which means your helping your teammates more with more Fire Shields, more Catuerize's and more damage your taking that they aren't. The 35 strength on this also means a lot more damage on your attacks which means more lifesteal!


    Items to avoid!

    Helm of the Black Legion (

    This item for Accursed really isn't worth the money it costs. Sure it provides max health and regen, but there are so many other items that you could get over this. Also, when your ultimate is active, the 40 avoided damage on this items means 40 damage your not getting healed for.

    Post Haste (

    The teleport function in these boots are great but really Enhanced marchers are so much better for Accursed. Plus they are really quite expensive. Don't get these!

    Shieldbreaker (
    4400), Frostwolf's Skull (6150)

    Shieldbreaker and Frostwolf's Skull are both buff placers and as Accursed's Sear ability is also a buff placer it means that these will over write the Sear ability with these instead which isn't helpful in any way, shape or form.

    Thanks to 'Padawanabee' for the information on buff placers.



    When picking your lane, you will want another hero becuase it makes life so much easier for you, and for them. Once you are in your lane i try to avoid casting any spells until level 3, which is when you have level 2 Fire Shield. This is when the fun and harassment begins.

    Ok so you have just got Level 2 Fire Shield, now at this level it does cost quite a bit of mana so you want to make sure that you always have enough for 1 more cast of it that you can save for yourself or your teammate incase something goes pear shaped and need it for survival. But until then your going to use it to decay your enemies health away. The way Fire Shield harrassment works is when you see your ally creep being focused by the heroes or is going to be last hit by the heroes you cast fire shield on them ASAP. Their damage and the other creeps damage is going to burst the Shield fairly quickly, dealing considerable damage to their heroes. My favourite time to use this is also when you have pushed up to the enemies tower and it is focusing your creep with both their heroes next to it. This is a prime time for your Fire Shield as I guarantee they will not have a chance to get away from it before it explodes.

    Also, if your full mana and your laning partner is getting low, use a Cauterize on them. Your Ring of the Teacher will get your mana back pretty quickly and it saved them having to waste gold on Runes of Blight charges of Health Potions.

    Tower Diving Kills:

    While laning your going to be getting the enemy heroes to pretty low health using your Fire Shield harrassment technique but your going to find it hard to kill the opponent due to the lack of any really big nukes which means they will be running away on really low healths, especially if you have a ranged ally hero in your lane with you.

    Due to this I have found on so many occassions it useful to Tower Dive for a kill especially if your ally has a slow ability. But before tower diving you must make sure that you have your Fire Shield on yourself and must be reasonably close to the enemy that's escaping. At this stage the tower will be focusing you and should only take a few attacks from the tower to destroy your shield, exploding, and hopefully killing him. Also make sure you have your Flame Consumption off cooldown so that when you are getting focused and drop to low health the tower will just heal you for the damage you have lost.

    While this will get you many kills it's not something that can be explained in words how to perform. You will have to spend many games looking like a noob (especially if your just learning to play Accursed). Before going for this type of a kill you MUST make sure that you check your map before hand and check if anyone is missing from other lanes that could possible come up behind you and stuff you up in front of the tower or just right out kill you without the tower.

    *Below is an image of character placement during my most recent tower dive kill. My character is the Accursed with lots of spell animations over the top of him ^_^, killing the electrician, at the time the tower was focusing me with it's attacks, which is what triggered the fire shield damage and then I ran away just afterwards.

    Team Fights:

    In team fights your role is to make sure you have Fire Shield on anyone that is taking direct damage or has a debuff on them. Removing things like Succubus' mesmerize of Blood Hunter's Ultimate is really game breaking stuff that saves lives. Remember that people aren't going to stop attacking someone with a 200 damage absorb shield just because they have a 200 damage absorb shield so keep it on people that are close to numeroues allies to increase exploding damage.

    Just remember to keep Cauterize'ing allies if you have taken the support role or Cauterize'ing enemies if you have a Jeraziah, Demented Shaman or anyone else that heals your allies for you, then your safe to lay in some nukes on the focused enemies.

    Teleport Trick:

    If you ever get in the position where you are ganked or about to die from a few enemies then read on! In many situations the above has happened to me on accursed where I am either ganked in an awkward position or am the last survivor of the team in a team battle and am being chased down. Once you fall below your 400 health your ulti will kick in, at this point of time you will notice your enemies take a step away from you so you can't hit them, at this point in time use your Homecoming Stone shortkey and get the hell outta there! This works quite often as they have usually just used all their stuns on your fellow teammates and have nothing left to use on you, that or they have shifted their attention to another teammate or tower and you can teleport out! This takes practice and doesn't always work but in situations with a low disable enemy team its normally worth trying it out!

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    Laning Buddies:


    Nymphora I believe to be the best character to lane with Accursed. As mentioned previously, Accursed's role early game is to constantly harass enemies using Fire Shield spam on creeps that are being focused, as anyone that has done this before knows, it takes up A LOT of mana and sometimes the ring of the teacher at the beginning can not compensate for the amount of mana lost doing this and will spend lots of time just auto attacking, which is why Nymphora IS SO PERFECT. Nymphora can not only heal you when you are getting low but you can heal her when she gets low which is a perfect synergy / tradeoff to give eachother, at the same time she can stun enemies that you want to get close to so you are able to Cauterize the enemy within the small range and also to get closer to be able to attempt a tower dive kill. On top of all this Nymphora also has the ability to restore your mana, and at Max rank it will pretty much fill up your whole mana bar, if not , will come close to. Even at lower ranks this ability is so great for Accursed to have so that he can continuously put 200 AOE damage into the enemies creeps and heroes.


    Not so much a laning partner, but a game partner Glacius would be to Accursed. Glacius' map wide mana aura is a great source of mana for an Accursed, to allow us to continue Fire Shield / Cauterize spamming the enemies. Glacius can also be a great laning partner for accursed, The Ice Prison and Ice Nova's are great to slow / immobalize enemies so that you can catchup and apply sear debuff or so you can get closer to the enemy to Cauterize them.


    Another great combo with Accursed mainly mid game / ganking stage is Pebbles especially with a organised friend on vent / teampseak or just a pre-organised plan. The objective with this combo is to throw Accursed into the heat of the battle followed with an AoE stun to stop escapers, the general reaction when a player is thrown in, is to kill it, so Accursed is being focused with a Fire Shield on him, which is a straight up 200 damage + you are in Cauterize distance AND you are being focused which gives your 2 life bars because once your Flame Consumption goes off you are going to be regaining a lot of health before the enemies can stop attacking.

    Avoid Laning Against:

    As Accursed you want to avoid laning against anyone that has a magic immunity or reduction. This includes people such as Predator, Magebane, Swiftblade and Arachna. As they can use abilities as you use your Fire Shield to negate partial amounts of the Fire Shield's damage which is just wasting your mana.

    Other people to avoid laning against include anyone with a blink / charge / ability that gets them out of the way really quickly. This includes; Magebane, Wretched Hag, Madman, Kraken, or Magmus because these heroes can get out of the way of your Fire Shield blasts pretty quickly. Although some may not do so all of the time due to high mana cost of their escape abilities such as Magmus and Kraken but when the time is crucial for when your chasing a kill with Fire Shield on (e.g. Tower Dive Kill) these enemies can just 'blink' out of the way.


    At some stage in the game with Accursed i find myself jungling for EXP and gold. Let me make it clear though, you do not solo jungle at the beginning of the game as Accursed as you may with Wildsoul, Tempest, Legionnaire etc, but around midgame when there is some pushing going on and there aren't any creeps to kill or you are too scared to go out in a lane because a lot of people are missing - this is the time I normally begin to jungle until a lane gets pushed back near a tower or you feel safe again. All you need to do is put Fire Shield on yourself and Cauterize the enemy and use Ring of Sorcery whenever it's off cooldown (you should have ring of sorc by now). Don't do this for too long because you are a support and your team does need you in team battles!


    That's all i really have to say about Accursed at this point in time. If you have any suggestions to add to it please leave a comment or ask questions about Accursed and il get back to you on it. Thanks for reading.
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    Nice pictures, shiny .


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    l0L pUt ON yOuR iNiTiAToR [YoUR taNk] play this game before?

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    Mock is a great item on him, and with his superb animation it's not hard to farm up the gold required.

    Unfortunately I feel Accursed is overall a pretty sub par support hero and only useful against players lacking common (game) sense. Should probably mention why/why not steam boots because treads was pretty popular on Abs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PURRI View Post
    Mock is a great item on him, and with his superb animation it's not hard to farm up the gold required.

    Unfortunately I feel Accursed is overall a pretty sub par support hero and only useful against players lacking common (game) sense. Should probably mention why/why not steam boots because treads was pretty popular on Abs.
    accursed is a very, very powerful support. Been saying this all along, and now that he has been nerfed in 6.63... Kinda confirms that his support is a bit too crazy.

    tbh this hero needs manaregen, mekansm and pipe. Ur enemy will QQ.
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    Sweet finally an Accursed guide, love it.

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    Could you please comment ring of sorcery build? Always while playing accursed i find mana low amount and regen a problem - getting ring of sorcery + astrolabe combo improved my efficiency a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voulture View Post
    Could you please comment ring of sorcery build? Always while playing accursed i find mana low amount and regen a problem - getting ring of sorcery + astrolabe combo improved my efficiency a lot.

    Alrighty, Ring of Sorcery, I tend not to get straight up due to the importantcy (is that a word) of other items, but if you like you can get it straight after the astrolabe, i just dont really have mana issues with accursed normally. I guess it really depends on the classes you play with.

    But hey im not one that likes ring of sorcery on Accursed but if you need it and your running out of mana this is defiately the item that i would suggest. Also make sure your getting that ring of the teacher as this helps early game aswell.
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    Thanks for the guide! Used it a game just before and it was really handy having all that information, really prepared me for my first time Accursing :P

    Thanks Nuro!

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    I suggest using a slightly bigger text size for everything - it's rather hard for me to read it with my crap monitor, but others with eyesight problems might not be able to clearly read the small text without a headache. That, or at least make the text designating a new topic (ie each ability and section in the guide) a larger font for faster scroll browsing.

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    Cauterise > Fire Shield imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viole View Post
    I suggest using a slightly bigger text size for everything - it's rather hard for me to read it with my crap monitor, but others with eyesight problems might not be able to clearly read the small text without a headache. That, or at least make the text designating a new topic (ie each ability and section in the guide) a larger font for faster scroll browsing.
    Better ?

    Cauterise > Fire Shield imo.
    Why don't you tell me why then maybe I can add some opinions to my guide?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viole View Post
    I suggest using a slightly bigger text size for everything - it's rather hard for me to read it with my crap monitor, but others with eyesight problems might not be able to clearly read the small text without a headache. That, or at least make the text designating a new topic (ie each ability and section in the guide) a larger font for faster scroll browsing.
    CTRL+Mousewheel, silly!

    If you have one >.>

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    No I would have agreed it was too small. I have rather small handwriting aswell, I just have a habit of putting small text :P It's all bigger now though for those that need it :P

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    Pretty solid guide ~

    You should add an alternate core build incorperating Ring of Sorcery / Astroblade combo. 6 second cat cd and 15~9 second fire shield cd on supportive skills 4x team mates that's alot of mana, and it's a really solid build especially if your team is lacking support heroes and you are keeping key heroes alive in battle.

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    Where is the hood? I always end up buying a hood even if there is only 2 int heros to not die :< Always get like 40 assisst with Acc, but I get like 5-5 myself cause I need to heal and shield, and when I least know it Im dead cause I cant heal myself :d

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    Nice tutorial.

    I really hate this hero. He shouldn't be in HoN..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prixm View Post
    Where is the hood? I always end up buying a hood even if there is only 2 int heros to not die :< Always get like 40 assisst with Acc, but I get like 5-5 myself cause I need to heal and shield, and when I least know it Im dead cause I cant heal myself :d
    Sorry I played DotA quite a while ago.

    What's the port for hood ?

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    I tihnk yo ushould add 1 level of sear to start for the movespeed
    and slow rly helps you

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