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    see S2

    this is why you have no friends!

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    Torturer BUFFED?! THANK YOU S2, I LOVE YOU <3<3<3<3
    Quote Originally Posted by exstancy View Post
    Always people debating BH, Always the same argument's. I remember a time not long ago he was a popular pick for solo mid in competitive DotA then they nerf his armor and he died in popularity quicker then my soul did the 1st time I heard Justin Bieber.

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    Magmus' description of Volcanic Touch still states that it's an attack modifier.

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    is this a buff or a nerf??

    - Ophelia's Judgment normalized to 75/150/225/300 Magic damage
    * Cooldown lowered from 30s to 16s

    true damage was so nice =/ , tho the cd now is ok

    don't know ...

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    Dsham change: Legit
    Plague change: ????
    HONOR- If you need it defined, you don't have it.

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    Can't believe that element user actually was serious when he said he was nerfing predator when i said carni worked poor preda.

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    :NomesWisdom: Nome's Wisdom
    - Added an additional +50% Mana regeneration for the bearer

    :'DDDDDDDDD you brought it back finally

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    is match making broken now? Taking 5minutes each time to get into a game, and even then i still havn't gotten into one properly yet(person leaving/timing out before getting into the hero select screen)

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    To all the morons complaining about 6800 announcer pack.

    You cry so much about the price because you want it badly yet you can't afford it ?
    Too bad, S2 wants to make money and since it's price in gold coins is much lower, you can always buy those.

    If you find the price 'stupid' 'rediculous (haha)' then please show it by not buying it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elarain View Post
    Sometimes $30 isn't a price tag. It's quality assurance.

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    No vindicator changes?

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    rly like the changes to demented shaman, played a game and I was like jesus!

    thumbs up

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    somewhere, track my IP to know
    i was happy with the overall changes
    Quote Originally Posted by Etherella View Post
    Nerf it,because the game starts to resemble some insanity when if stay in one place for more than 2 seconds, you get stunned ganked hooked and blasted into oblivion.

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    Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I'll ever know.
    Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.

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    so leik i just bought a reset so i could start earnin coins.. a hour later and fail patch

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    Atleast show someone when ramp charged him. its global now and he gets magic immune. no way to stop him.
    Playing for fun <3
    Playing without mods

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    First of all TL;DR
    Second-u make JSJ make weak quotes and this gun sound is horrible
    third-6800 ? silver coins? why u don't make a option to donate JSJ for that ?u gave him a whooper for that?

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    S2games want people to quit? read this

    I understand that they want more money, but if they want more money then they need to have players playing the game, they have just destroyed the matchmaking with gold/silver coins. Why is the price on new announcers so overpriced? I mean its not fun to play anymore when people can just buy it for real money instead... Nerf the price on the new announcers and go back to goblin coins as it was before this patch!

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    How exactly have they destroyed MM with the introduction of Silver/Gold coins?
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    I'll never pick SW again...
    And why the move speed buff on plague ? Was kinda unnecessary.
    And no changes to Vindi, oh men...

    But, why i'm complaining about, you guys did nice a balance, gj. But srly, remove that crapy gold silver coin system pls, was prety good before that.

    EDIT: Oh, arach and ramp are now quite better !

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