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    - Unbreakable: Target allied hero is affected with Unbreakable (state) for 6 seconds. Affected hero gains 15/30/45/60 Attack Damage and if he receives fatal damage while affected by Unbreakable, he does not die and is instead restored to 150/250/350/450 health
    * Unbreakable is dispelled when it prevents the target's death

    holy OP of god
    At first i was all lol but then i went omg .

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    wtf why price change on dancing blade?
    s2 honestly think people are too retarded to farm the 300 more gold?.. gonna make carries carry even harder
    good job on and though, and finally some buff to nomes :-)

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    holy **** why buffing dsham and plague this OP way

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    Quote Originally Posted by ObieDaBeast View Post
    gold and silver coins are retarded.

    try harder to make money from us than keep changing the coins and offering stupid stuff for it... like seriously...

    20 dollars 2/3 the price of the game in order to buy an announcer pack that someone could easily mod themselves?

    come on i dont see the value and am annoyed that its even an option. just makes s2 look stingy.

    Rest of the patch is freaking awesome though. <3

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    the new announcer pack SUUUUUCKS!!!!

    We all(most of us atleast) remember Duke Nukem as badass, meaning "looks like it's time to kill" "balls of steel" "yippi ka yey", you made JSJ record dull ass quotes.. and on top of that shooting sounds? You can barely hear the mans voice.. epic fail
    "Hail to the champion baby" ??? It's HAIL TO THE KING BABY!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LamarHazed View Post
    Yea, but at least let's be realistic with the silver coin values for premium items. 6800 coins is a joke anyway you look at it. It's like a slap in the face imo. We bought the game, and without the players there wouldn't be anything for s2 to do. It's like hey, here's a cool new item, but **** you cause we dont care if you actually play we just want your money. How long do you think it would actually take to amass 6800 coins just from MM? I don't mind the whole premium item thing and I understand it from the business side, but if premium item values with silver coins are going to be so unrealistic, then there shouldn't even be an option to use silver coins for them. 7x as much is just down right dirty and makes me feel as if s2 doesn't value the time people actually spend playing the game.

    19.2 days straight playing. just did the math

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    Quote Originally Posted by TT View Post
    Why is it with almost every patch, I become more and more interested in seeing how Dota2 is coming along...

    Played Dota for years, and at least Ice made competent changes and updates to the map. Whereas with these patches the game is just swinging wildly from side to side and getting no closer to balance.

    Not even gonna comment on the 6800 coin thing... must be some sort of inside joke or something.
    This sums my view up perfectly. Or as my friend said: "Don't worry, this patch is not something Dota2 won't fix".

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    Quote Originally Posted by `l2p View Post
    True story, bro! ^this!

    6000 coins.... ridiculous, S2... :x

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    Can't believe they only changed slightly instead of remaking him.

    He's the only hero in the game that is that broken. Only hero to be able to 4x crit a spell.

    Completely random elements shouldn't be in the game imo. Entire fights are decided by whether he multicasts or not.

    It's enough that we have the random runes in the game...

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    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH 6800 coins for announcer, this is a joke. ROFL!!!

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    Yay for fayde keeping her "one of the worst heroes in the game" spot...

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    Also, they forgot to change heroes that actually need it...

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    Way too much buff in this patch =/

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    I have this feeling that this is just a part of the rebalance patch, really, they said that they WILL check fayde, vindi, bh etc and they did nothing. So it's rather easy to guess that this is NOT everything.

    Extremely nice changes though! Hope to god PR ain't imbalanced now though, 320 does seem a bit over the top.

    And WHY do people whine about the coins?! Really, get over it. You don't NEED any of that stuff, it's just fun to have.
    Overall I like the patch a lot, good changes. Only thing that eludes me is the legi's charge =( kinda feels a lackluster how that it's only +200 ms on the last rank... or did I miss something?

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    "Upped number of state slots by 8"

    What is this?

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    what WHAT WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6800 COINS ?????????????????????? ARE U ****ING SERIOUS ???????

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    btw. update that new announcer pack, it dosen't sound manly enough tbh

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