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View Poll Results: What is your Favorite Alt Avatar Suggestion?

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  • Leprechaun Blacksmith

    1,019 13.16%
  • Rock n' Roll Legionnaire

    954 12.32%
  • Unicorn Rampage

    2,227 28.75%
  • Vicious Bunny Predator

    1,470 18.98%
  • Female Scout

    2,075 26.79%
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    VOTE HERE! Community Alt Avatar Final 5!


    It was a very close race between two very different suggestions. In the end, Unicorn Rampage was victorious and Kalium takes home the prize of 1,000 Gold Goblin Coins and will receive his Alt Avatar for free when it is added. The art team is already hard at work on bringing the community's favorite to life, so keep your eyes on the Store for your chance to pick up the first community designed Alt Avatar, Unicorn Rampage.

    Voting has ended and we will be announcing the winner this Friday (March 4th)! Thank you to all those who voted!

    After pouring over several hundred submissions, debating the best of the best, and casting our internal votes, we are ready to announce the Top 5 Community Designed Alt Avatars. There were tons of excellent suggestions, so this was no easy task!

    Please keep in mind that a number of the suggestions had already been thought up by our team and may already be in production, so just because your idea wasn't chosen doesn't mean you won't see it in-game in the future. The ideas chosen were picked because they had not been thought up inside of S2 or the original artwork caught our eye. Along the same lines, many ideas were suggested multiple times. The suggestion chosen was either the first person who suggested it in the thread or the artwork that caught our eye to bring the idea to life.

    So without further ado, here are your Top 5!

    Leprechaun Blacksmith by `fAntom

    Rock n' Roll Legionnaire by Weasleface

    Unicorn Rampage by Kalium (though it will not be based on the picture submitted )

    Vicious Bunny Predator by Innuendum

    Female Scout by Xehn

    Voting is now open and will run until Monday, February 28th. The decision is in the community's hands for which Alt Avatar should win!

    Thank you again for all of your participation so far and for taking the time to vote! We look forward to announcing the winner and bringing the design to life!
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    Inb4 "first page"

    And nice work!

    Edit: voted for blacksmith, I've always thought of him being a lucky leprechaun

    Female scout will prob win don't wanna be seeming more Choose wis-SCOUT-ely
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    Terrible comical final 5, I will not be participating.

    How the hell could Flamboyant Unicorn Rampage beat the Rhino Rampage version where he was actually a Rhino-man?

    Total garbage I'm afraid, such a long wait for nothing.
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    Only real scout should prevail.

    Voted for Unicorn Rampage, because its best hero for trollin.
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    Let's do this.

    Also, first page.

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    I would LOVE to see Rock'n'roll Legio but it would be way too anachronic for a game such as Heroes of Newerth. And considering the general background, Unipage & Vicious Bunny Pred would be inapropriate too.

    My vote goes for Female Scout, even tho I don't like the concept of the hero !

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    Germany (not the evil one)

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    Yeah all are comical, disappointing. Gratz to the female scout, will likely win.

    Sucks this'll just encourage more scout players as opposed to lesser used heroes.
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    disco zephyr pls

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    How come my Maliken alt avatar as Maliken himself failed

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    Disapointing choices, I regret putting in the effort to come up with a suggestion now, wouldnt purchase any of them.

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    Disappointed mine wasn't chosen, but my vote definitely goes to the vicious bunny!

    Love Monty Python, love the idea

    "Well we better not risk another frontal assault, that Rabbit's dynamite!"
    Please add that as the hero selection sound!

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    so there's not my FA-Avatar? :/

    damnt it <.<

    anyway, i vote for
    You mad?

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    Robot unicorn rampage

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKrane View Post
    Disapointing choices, I regret putting in the effort to come up with a suggestion now, wouldnt purchase any of them.
    If you actually read what he posted he said even if yours wasn't selected it doesn't mean you won't see it these are 5 s2 never thought of that they liked

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    GO! Female scout!

    This glorious day has FINALLY COME.
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    My idea for Chiprel Plague Rider didn't go through. Oh well!

    I am rooting for female scout!!

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