Thread: SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1 (February 26 - April 10, 2011)

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    SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1 (February 26 - April 10, 2011)

    SK Gaming is proud to announce the "SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1", sponsored by Bigfoot Networks and Steelseries.

    We will choose the top 8 teams out of the pool of registered teams which will be seeded directly into the main event. The rest of the registered teams will have to go through a qualification process (format of which will depend on the number of teams, details later) in order to determine 8 more teams that will participate in the main event.

    The SK Gaming HoN Tournament #1 will then see 16 teams battle it out in a group stage (4 groups of 4) for a place in the playoffs.

    SK Gaming will be offering a prizepool featuring $1000 in cash for the top three finishers. Bigfoot Networks will provide 5x Killer 2100 network cards for the winner and 5x Bigfoot Killer 2100 Shirts for the second and third place finishers. Steelseries will sponsor the tournament with 5x SK Gaming Edition QcK+ mousepads.

    Sign-up process

    Send an e-mail to with the following information:

    Team name
    Team tag
    Team roster (minimum of 5 players)
    Preferred server

    Sign-up period ends: 20th February, 2011.
    Prize pool

    1st place: $700, 5 Steelseries SK Gaming Edition QcK+ Mousepads, 5 Bigfoot Killer 2100 network cards
    2nd place: $200, 5 Bigfoot Killer 2100 Shirts
    3rd place: $100, 5 Bigfoot Killer 2100 Shirts

    Sign-up period: February 10th - February 20th
    Qualifier: February 26th
    Group Stage 1 (3 matches per team): February 27th - March 5th
    Group Stage 2 (3 matches per team): March 6th - March 13th
    Playoffs: March 19th (Quarterfinals), March 23rd (Semifinals), March 26th (Finals)
    All dates are subject to change until official announcement of each stage.
    Rules & Regulations
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    Nm my initial question.

    Thumbs up for the tournament though !
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    If the tournament format is unclear to anyone, although it shouldn't be I think, a more detailed explanation can be found if you follow the "Rules & Regulations" link in OP.

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    The future of HoN in the Dota genre looks bright.
    Good luck to all participants.
    Hope this would be one of many tournaments this year.
    Bridging the Heroes of Newerth and DotA communities

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    Bigfoot is sponsoring the tournament with 5x Killer 2100 (retail price is $100 for one), not the Killer Nic.

    Was a mistake on my part.

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    When will groups be up?

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    Looks fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ollie View Post
    When will groups be up?
    One would assume shortly after the qualifier is done. The brackets for the qualifier will be, one would also assume, be up shortly after the sign-up period.

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    During what time of day/night will matches be played ? considering people have work etc

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    I'll do my best to schedule matches at after-work hours and on weekends.

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    Hello i forgot to write our ringers name in the mail i sent u think its ok if u use 1 ringer you have not signed up ? and is there any way to get a hold of the admins on irc or something.

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    The bracket for the 32 team qualifier will be published tomorrow.

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    Qualifier bracket & Details

    My apologies to all the teams that will not be able to participate in it.

    All seeded teams and teams that are eligible to compete in the qualifier have been e-mailed.

    Please, update yourself on the rules & regulations as some of them have been changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolapz View Post
    Qualifier bracket & Details

    My apologies to all the teams that will not be able to participate in it.
    My team have signed to this tourney but i cant see it in brackets.
    So i guess youve been choosing which team can compete or not. Thought this tournament was open to new teams etc.

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    Unfortunately for you and around 120 other teams, we did indeed make the qualifier an invitational of sorts as well. My apologies once again for not being able to participate in it.

    Also, rosters can be updated until 24 hours before the start of the qualifier.

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    Due to recent findings regarding their Xin Gaming HoN Mini-Cup match against [Lion], Bastard Squad (former Clan FQ) is no longer eligible to play in the SK Gaming qualifier and will be replaced by another team.

    I would tolerate a lot of stuff considering the nature of this community, cheating is not one of them.

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    this is the last call for roster updates! 26th February, 12:00 CET (06:00AM EST) is the deadline to update the roster for the qualifier. Using players out of the registered roster will bring severe punishment!

    Also, please read the updated rules:

    See ya tomorrow 21:00 CET (03:00PM EST) in /j skhon for the qualifier!

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    Mario are we supposed to be signing up to the SK website? I do recall emailing you our updated roster last week. I'm not sure if you're working from your email or the SK website, though. Let me know.

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    The roster updates are done via email.
    At least one of your members will have to register on the SK website if you qualify though (for scheduling and match ID submitting purposes), but more details on that later on. For now, the email is all you need.

    I do recall emailing you our updated roster last week.
    The email for the last call for roster updates was sent out to all teams that will participate in the qualifier, even those who already updated their rosters before.
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