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    Quick Team Match Making v1.4.4 (04/01/2012) - auto-join,auto-ready,invite-on-login,auto-queue

    Quick Team Match Making v1.4.4 By itons and maintained by TheVoice
    Jump to: Features | Updates | Screenshots | Download (Save as) | Install | Bugs? | Changelog

    This mod tries to improve your matchmaking experience.

    If you have an old version of this mod that isn't updating, please re-download from this post. The mod is under new maintenance and is hosted in a new location.

    • Automation:
      • Automatically start a Team Match Making Group by clicking one button.
      • Automatically invite the first 5 available players from a user defined set of 10 players.
      • Waiting for a buddy to sign-in? Auto-invite him as soon as he comes online!
      • Automatically enter the queue as soon as your buddies are ready.
      • Automatically accept TMM invites from buddies.
      • Automatically ready up after joining.
      • Automatically start a group when you start HoN.

    • Interface:
      • Hide the TMM initialisation dialog.
      • Suppress the Matchmaking panel from popping up when creating or joining a group.
      • People asking for a new invite? Sent new invites with the click of a button.
      • Disable TMM error popup dialogs.
      • Disable all mod functions with a single click, for example when you go AFK. Or disable the mod by default when starting HoN.

    • Video overview of some of the mod functions

    So instead of having to click loads of times to get a new group going after finishing your last game, all you have to do is hit one button. As long as you aren't in a group already the mod starts a new TMM game for you and invites the players you most often play with. No need to check the game settings for that odd AP/AR game on an outlandish server.

    The mod supports Normal and Casual mode, both Caldavar and Grimm's Crossing, AP, SD, BD, BP & AR game modes. You can choose USE, USW or EU for the region and you can specify up to 10 nicknames to be invited.

    When you are being invited by buddies you don't even have to touch a button, you automatically accept the invite and ready up!

    If you are lazy and play a lot of TMM this is the mod to get!
    (Save as)

    Update v.1.4.4:
    + Updated to work with version 2.5.17
    + Thanks to KevGraf94 for first implementing the fix

    Update v.1.4.3:
    + Updated to work with version 2.5.7
    + Fixed issue with Matchmaking settings not being saved/loaded properly.

    Update v.1.4.2:
    + Updated to work with version 2.5
    + Now maintained by TheVoice

    Update v.1.4.0:
    + Fixed the RAP button disappearance

    Update v1.3.9:
    + Fix for

    Update v1.3.8:
    + Fixed a bug with US servers

    Update v1.3.7:

    + Fixed auto queue and auto start group to be disabled by default.

    Update v1.3.6:
    + Fixed bug when sending invites when already in a group
    + Added option to automatically enter the queue when you are the host and the group has reached a certain number of players
    + Added option to automatically start a group whenever you start the game

    Update v1.3.5:
    + Fix to work with patch
    + Added verified only to matchmaking options
    + Removed tutorial button from MM panel

    Update v1.3.4:
    + Overhauled the mod options. Now made a division between automation options, interface tweaks and misc options.
    + Made some changes to have the Quick option reflect how the original MM works
    + Added option to hide the MM initialization dialog when using QTMM
    + Added option to not use the default game type settings from QTMM (so you can choose to use your last group's settings instead of always using the QTMM presets).

    Update v1.3.3:
    + Added buttons on the main Matchmaking panel for starting a group (and re-sent invites when already in a group) and configuring the mod
    + Added an option to prevent the matchmaking panel from popping up when starting or joining a group.
    + Added an option to show the notification even when auto accepting invites
    + Fixed a bug by S2 where the "View invitations button" would remain visible even after leaving a group.

    Update v1.3.2:

    + You can now choose to ready-up when joining a group (once) and whenever you are unready (always ready).
    + You can now choose to disable QTMM functions on startup.
    + Changed the AFK icon to crossed out Posthaste.
    + Fixed a bug where the MM panel would be closed when auto accepting invites


    • Download the qtmm.honmod file. (Save as)
    • Install using HoN Mod Manager.
    • After Launching HoN for the first time, right click the added button in the matchmaking dialog to set your preferences.


    Known bugs/quirks:

    • Due to spam protection up to 5 invites can be sent at a time. Invites are sent to players that are online and aren't in-game. If more than 5 players meet those criteria additional invites will _not_ be sent.
    • Drop down boxes in the mod options can only be operated with the keyboard due to a known mod_options_framework bug.

    Found a bug?
    As I'm by no means a very skilled scripter you are bound to find bugs. Please report any bugs in this topic. I'll do my best to fix them.

    I want to thank Quzzap for helping me figure out some modding stuff and nookeh, zuen, caglarmano, dudebob, crashbob for playing all those games with me that made me want to make this mod in the first place.
    Last edited by TheVoice; 04-01-2012 at 11:30 AM.

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    First - gonna try it soon :]

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    Oh wow this looks perfect, thank you so much cant wait to use this.

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    Excellent mod. I love it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eccentrikit View Post
    How to use ALT + F4 to RAGE QUIT HoN:
    1) Open Console (Ctrl + F8)
    2) Type in "Bind ALT+F4 Quit"
    -Alternatively, you can use "Disconnect" instead of "Quit" to disconnect from current game.
    3) press ALT + F4 to RAGE QUIT!
    -Note: This will NOT work if you have a chatbox focused. (Escape to unfocus a chatbox)
    **If you have any questions about keybinds in HoN, feel free to ask and I'll try my best to help.

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    Neat idea
    Ben Pettit | Lead UIX Developer

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    Looks nice! Will install it today.

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    Nice job

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    Cool idea An addon to it could be to invite your team from the previous game to a new TMM with the same gamemode as before?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bangerz View Post
    Neat idea

    1. when did you go red?
    2. you know you got something good if Bangerz likes it.
    You Heard It From -']['he(())riginal - ']['.(()).

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    I wish bangerz would update his Crowd control mod
    Quote Originally Posted by Idejder
    Enjoy the weekend
    Quote Originally Posted by link1313
    no i want to play hon

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    Very nice, thank you!

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    Just updated to v1.1. Looks a bit prettier I guess. Any feedback yet?

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    Looks great, havent tried it out yet though.

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    is it possible to include auto accept invites from buddy + auto ready
    it would be an all in one best mod for mm player =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWWalker View Post
    is it possible to include auto accept invites from buddy + auto ready
    it would be an all in one best mod for mm player =)
    Just added this. Also introduced some small bugs, I'll fix those later this week. Have fun.

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    nice mod, but 1 thing, its incompatible with "tweaked Menu Buttons" :/

    or "tweaked Menu Buttons" with your mod, anyway you cant use both

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    wow nice !
    My Suggestion to make the HON community more friendly give a coin to a nice player "the ty button"

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuN_GaM3r View Post
    nice mod, but 1 thing, its incompatible with "tweaked Menu Buttons" :/

    or "tweaked Menu Buttons" with your mod, anyway you cant use both
    try updating to 1.2.1. that should fix it.

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