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    Is down?

    Just curious, sent two e-mails recently to them over a day ago and got no response. Are they backed up really badly? They usually reply within 4-8 hours. Thanks

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    Bump, anyone?

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    Really? You expect a reply in 4 hours?

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    Don't wait to long for a answer you might end up like this..

    Besides gms have a life too

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    they changed it i think : worked for me or you can try this : very very fast

    btw gm's are mostly online when they work or not! They do have life but received an answer in 30 sec and it was done...... maybe becuz i know a support member who can help me

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    @Emin3m thanks a lot for the help man-- blackhertz is actually the one that just responded to me via e-mail haha. I hope to get the matter resolved soon... thanks again

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