I just wanted to ask about a team fight strategy.

We had glacius, behe, vindi, chipper, and a pretty farmed swiftblade with frostburn and runed axe. the enemies had hellbringer, puppetmaster (not too farmed), witch slayer, slither, and chronos with runed axe and working towards a savage mace.

we took down their mid raxes and began to find it difficult to push into their base with them turtling. they were spread out so behe couldnt land good ultis. and we were afraid of chronos coming in and ultiing and just razing the entire team if we initiate on them. slither just wards up their base towers and basically we couldnt get hits on their towers.

what should we have done? behe and glaicus had tablets but rarely got to use it because of HB+chronos combo.