Thread: Team fights against hellbringer and a farmed chronos

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    Team fights against hellbringer and a farmed chronos

    I just wanted to ask about a team fight strategy.

    We had glacius, behe, vindi, chipper, and a pretty farmed swiftblade with frostburn and runed axe. the enemies had hellbringer, puppetmaster (not too farmed), witch slayer, slither, and chronos with runed axe and working towards a savage mace.

    we took down their mid raxes and began to find it difficult to push into their base with them turtling. they were spread out so behe couldnt land good ultis. and we were afraid of chronos coming in and ultiing and just razing the entire team if we initiate on them. slither just wards up their base towers and basically we couldnt get hits on their towers.

    what should we have done? behe and glaicus had tablets but rarely got to use it because of HB+chronos combo.

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    Random thoughts that may or may not apply:

    This is typical regardless of lineup.

    I've noticed in my PSR bracket that some people can't grasp that while we could wipe them in a teamfight on flat, open terrain, we might not win a teamfight up hill under a tower.

    If they're turtling like that, you probably had map control. So what I personally would have done is made sure that my team warded up the entire map, and started to suffocate their farm. If they insist on not leaving, widen the xp/gold gap between your team and theirs. They'll eventually fan out.

    Pick and Kongor. Then Push.

    Ideally, pick and Kongor, then pick and push.

    When you have lategame between two adequately farmed carries and great initiation on both sides, teamfights come down to VISION. You need to ward around where you want to fight. Drop blue wards to kill their vision. I know that's a bit hard when you're trying to go for a raxx, so you needed to extend your advantage with a token on Swift.

    Honestly, it sounds like your supports may have screwed you. I didn't watch the game obviously, but it's not hard for the Glacius to hang back and hide in the fog of war and wait for the initiation, and then freeze Chronos from outside the bubble.

    With proper vision and a token. Behemoth could have definitely initiated sooner or later when he saw an opening and blink ulted/fissured. Vindi ult after Behemoth combo. Etc.

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    ^ What he said. Tell your team to do the safe farming technique, where you only kill enemy creeps at the last second, and deny your own creeps as soon as they go below 50%. Doing so makes the enemy creeps win the fight and the creep wave pushes towards your base where the enemy team cannot farm if they turtle, so they are forced to come out and teamfight you without a vision advantage.

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    If they're turtling that hard take control of the map by putting offensive wards down. Take advantage of your situation and farm all three lanes and both jungles/ancients. If they sit in base you'll easily be able to out farm/level them, if they 5 man push out with behe you should be able to easily win a team fight with your ward vision. Wait for an opportune time to push like if you pick off chronos desperately trying to get farm or if you have token/bananas.
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