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    How to deal with flamers

    How to deal with flamers

    A guide/advice by Nuffing

    Hello, I am Nuffing. I have played Heroes of Newerth since closed beta and I have experienced all kind of players(supposedly). I am sitting around the 1750+ PSR bracket and 1750+ MMR. Like everyone else I began at 1500 and started out by hovering around there. Fact is that in every tier of gameplay there is what I like to call it: A person with infected social behaviour(flamer, angry guy, immature dude, kid, etc). So I have learned how to deal with them throughout the time I've been playing HoN.

    Why write this guide?
    As I mentioned above I have figured out the way to deal with these kind of persons who do nothing but rage on you whatever you do. I decided to share my knowledge and let you do what you want with it.
    Do you think this sounds stupid already? I think it might do, but I would be glad if you continued to read what I have to say. Well, you might even be one of those "angry dudes" who make other people feel bad. Either way, just keep on reading.

    Thank you.

    What is a flamer?
    If you already know and you are totally clear about it, skip this part.

    Yeah, a flamer. I suppose everybody knows what that is and has encountered some time in their HoN-career.
    I guess I will explain either way so let's get it on with.
    A flamer is a person who is possibly very mad at you/your team/your teammate(s). The reason to why this person is mad varies. It could be that he/she died in a stupid way or maybe you "stole a kill". One way or another this person has a problem. Might be you. Well, anyways, sometimes they do have a point. "You could have stunned 1 second earlier", "You could have ran the other way around" etc. It is OK to give criticism, but remember, we are talking about a flamer here so he might include the words: stupid, noob, idiot, retard, <insert swear word/humiliating word of choice>.
    I think that covers it. Let us move on.

    What to do/how to handle flamers?

    There are three easy steps.

    1. Analyze
    2. Talk, speak
    3. (Ignore)

    The first thing you do is analyze. Why is he/she saying this? Have I done something wrong or behaved in an inappropriate way towards him/her?
    Preferably you haven't in any way acted like a total ass to this person. If you have you should reconsider how you act on the internet and practice on your etiquette/netiquette.
    Analyzing what happened you might learn something from what he/she said to you. Maybe you should try to put out those stuns a little bit earlier or position yourself in a better place. There is always something to learn and nobody is a perfect player.

    Talk, speak
    Communicating is always good. You should tell this person that you don't like how you treat them. That you are happy to receive advice but not in such a harsh way. This actually works most of the time.

    If you can't seem to calm this person down in any way possible there is a simple solution: Ignore.
    Add this person to your ignore list. Command is: /ignore add nickname
    You might even want you add this person to your ban list: /banlist add nickname
    This way you will never have to listen to this person again and you'll feel much better. If you see him join a game you are in, simply ask for a kick on him or find another game(unless you're playing matchmaking, then it's just hard luck).

    General Tips

    • Never get upset, just try to stay calm.

    • Don't ever flame back, it will only get worse.

    • Getting ignored is one of the worst things for a flamer who keeps humiliating you. Utilize on this.

    • Be polite and a good model for correct behaviour towards others

    • If you see someone else having problems with a flamer, help him/her to sort things out.

    More reading
    A very good article posted originally on the DotA-forums by Sephram and reposted here on the HoN-forums by spikernum1. Read this! A thread started by Ayano where he asks for advice about how to deal with flamers. Some posts/replies are good and serious, there is some trolls also. Not a must read but it can definitely to some help. A good article that is worth reading.

    Last Words

    Thanks for reading, I hope it was to some help.

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